Monday, January 23, 2017

Star Wars Episode VIII Title Reveal


I like it, they broke away from the old sci-fi serial sounding titles of the previous second entries. This title sounds more like a chapter in a book, which I say is kinda fitting for the second to last installment of the overall Skywalker saga. The title of course refers to the self exiled Jedi Master who was finally located at the end of the previous film, Luke Skywalker, who was referenced as such in Episode VII's opening crawl and a couple times in the movie.

I really loved that the teaser poster is nearly identical to the teaser poster from two years ago just with a different color logo and the new title, well done. Another great touch is the color red for the Star Wars logo, which to a lot of long time Star Wars fans is meant to invoke memories of 1983's Return of The Jedi which a great amount of it's advertising and merchandise feature an all red logo. A nice connection signifying that after the death of The Emperor Luke thought he could create a new Jedi Order, only to have tragedy strike once again making him The Last Jedi as Yoda told him he was before his death.

"When gone am I, the last of the Jedi you will be."- Master Yoda


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DC Rebirth Batman & JLA Review

DC Universe Rebirth Batman One-Shot & Batman #1-6
At  first I wasn't gonna pick up this series cause I didn't know anything about the writer Tom King, but then I started hearing how good the the second story arc "I Am Suicide" was, and regretted not getting it from the start. So I hunted down the one-shot and the first six issues, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, it has a nice balance of action, drama, and humor, and David Finch's art wasn't too extreme as it's been in the past. All-Star Batman is still the superior Bat-book, but I can't wait to read the "I Am Suicide" arc, and see the return of classic worthy intelligent Bat-villain Bane.

Justice League of America (4th Series) #1-4, 6-10
Oh yeah!, I waited to read this storyline until I had every issue, and it was a wait, cause of delays there was months between issues, taking a year and a half to gather all nine parts of the arc. To me it was worth it, I love Bryan Hitch's work and I know he likes to do year long stories, and with how fricking good this story was; it would of killed me reading and waiting through the delays. By waiting I just picked up every issue as I finally saw it on the shelf and put it in a box cherishing the thought of one day reading an epic 12 part Bryan Hitch Justice League run, though in the end it turned out only to be 9 parts probably cause the story had to be changed to fit in with DC's Rebirth launch.

I really loved that the team was split for most for most of the story, and that there were parts in the past , present and future all happening at the same time with some issues just focusing on one member at a time. Sucks Hitch couldn't draw issue 10, but he was probably too busy starting to write the new Rebirth Justice League ongoing at the time. Solicitations still shows two issues, and an annual are coming out, so hopefully we'll still get those cause I love getting more League action with Hal Jordan still on the team.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Comic Reviews 12-31 Pt.2

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Pink #4-5
Boom Studios' second dose of MMPR love a month is the almost over, and like the main ongoing each issue keeps on rolling with more and more surprises. Issue #4 adds two more temporarily powered Rangers bringing Kimberly's team up to the standard five to battle Goldar, his human transforming monster, and his War Zord built out of previous destroyed Zords. What's great though is after Kim and her team saves the town and it's people in #5 there's still one more issue left and they have to go rescue Tommy and the main team, awesome. 

Suicide Squad #5-6-7-8
I don't use this word often, or even type it for that matter, but Uhg! It's becoming a real pain to read this comic, I almost threw issue #8 across the room. It takes alot for me to say I hate something, and I have been giving this writer a chance, but I'm gonna come out and say it: Rob Williams is a horrible fricking writer. This whole last eight issues reads like it was written by an 8 year old, which by me saying that is a disrespect to an actual 8 year old that I think could of actually written something better. 

Even worst is what was told in these eight issues could of been easily told in four, cause each issue is only half the pages with the other half being a back-up solo story, way to stretch it out there Rob. I really hope we get another writer soon, cause I hate giving DC my money and they thinks I actually like the writing when I'm only buying it for Jim Lee's art and Romita Jr.'s art when he comes on board. It truly pains me too, seeing Lee drawing out William's most likely badly described so called "action scenes", I know William's narrative is severely hindering Lee's great potential.

Supergirl #3-4
Giving this series a chance to see where it goes after the Cyborg Superman incident, I'm still getting use to Brain Ching's artwork too, I don't hate it, it's just a little wonky to me. I hoping to see more of the angry Kryptonian Kara for the start of the new 52, I don't want her to instantly become the cheery, hope filled innocent minded Supergirl, I would like to see her struggle with her anger and gradually become a more clear minded hero. Can not wait to see how she defeats Cyborg Superman and his legion of techno-zombies, hopefully it's a good brutal showdown.

 Superman #9-10-11-12-13 & Annual #1
I'm really digging these quick two part story arcs, of course the Superboy and Robin story was goddamn great, teasing you what the Supersons ongoing is going to be like. The Annual was a great tale of Superman encountering Swamp Thing and them dealing with Superman not being from this Earth and how his very presence is actually harming it, setting up great narratives for future story arcs coming up. My favorite Rebirth title, still going strong, fun fun read.

  Trinity #2-3-4 
Francis Manapul's tour through the three heroes past and psyches is really really good. You can really tell this series is were these three are gonna come together and become the close friends who know each other extremely well and are the trusted teammates who form the heart of the Justice League. Holy shit! Mongoul, I know he's pop up a couple times in the New 52 so far, but this the first I've seen him since 2009, it's gonna be great to see the Trinity take him on.

Comic Reviews 12-31 Pt.1

All-Star Batman #4-5
The last two issues with artist John Romita Jr. concludes the "My Own Worst Enemy" story, it's sad to see Romita leave after only 5 issues, but that's why they're calling this series All-Star cause it's going to have rotating All-Star artist for every story arc. Romita is going over to Suicide Squad next, and our next All Star artist is Jock, who worked with Snyder on a run of Detective Comics before Flashpoint that was damn good. I know I haven't said anything concerning the actual comics, but I really don't know what to say that I didn't already say about #1-3, it's Snyder's great character driven writing, and fricking incredible Romita Jr. artwork, it is awesome. Perfect Batman tale in every way, period.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #6-7-8
Oh thank Thanos issue #6 was the last tie-in issue with Civil War II, no more unnecessary filler that didn't move the story along, and what's great is #7 picks up right where #4 ended like you didn't need #5 & 6 at all. I call this book my "Hydra-Steve Crack", it kills me waiting a month between issues, it's so good, every flashback of Steve's altered memories just keeps getting grander and grander. I hope this storyline goes on for a while, I can't wait to see what he does with Baron Zemo, who now in his memories was childhood friends with, and the upcoming showdown with Taskmaster, and how this is all going to end. 

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #1-2
I'm really enjoying this, it's so refreshing to read Suicide Squad written by someone other the horrible hack that's writting the main series right now, but more on that later. Enjoying and can't wait to see where Maxwell Lord and his Nightmare Army go, and what they know of the pre-Flashpoint timeline and see if we start to see more Watchmen connections. Loving the weekly release of each issue and that it's a contained story in the mini-series and not having to pick up Justice League or Suicide Squad with each comic being a different part.

DC Rebirth Justice League One-Shot & Justice League #1-2
Started picking up the new Justice League to get some more Superman action, really loved the one-shot with Superman finally deciding to join the League officially cause the League and the world need's a Superman. I loved Bryan Hitch's JLA run, and really glad he's still writing the team even  though he couldn't write and draw this time cause of the new release schedule. Glad to see the team is split up all over the world fighting the threat, what a group book done right can be, instead of eight heroes throwing all their powers at one focus we see individuals and pairs working towards the same goal.

Mighty Morhpin' Power Rangers #8-9-10
This comic right here along with Superman and Captain America is the main reason I have started going to the comic shop weekly again. Each issue just keeps on getting better and better, and with issue #9's reveal of who was behind the Black Dragon being an evil alternate timeline Power Ranger (most likely Tommy) was fricking mind-blowing. Again Higgins' add something to the Power Ranger mythos with out altering anything we already held as fact in #10 with Billy struggle to be a better Ranger with staying Morphed under his clothes minus the gloves and helmet, never thought of that before, amazing.

Part 2 with five more reviews coming up next...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

R.I.P Carrie Fisher

Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956-December 27, 2016)

The world has lost a bright light this day, and is truly dimmer for it, as today we lost the ever beautiful and talented actress and writer Carrie Fisher. I don't have to tell you who she is most famous for portraying on the silver screen, I just want to say that I, and her billions of fans send out our deepest condolences to Fisher's friends and family at this emotional time. The World for generations and generations to come will never not know you and adore you, goodbye Your Highness... Your Majesty... Your Worship... Princess.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One Review


Disney owned Lucasfilm kicks off the very first stand alone Star Wars movie, and by The Force was it awesome, and dare I say damn near perfect. Now why not perfect? Well, the very first point on my very small list of nit-picks is that the actual finished movie we saw in theaters is almost a completely different tone of narrative then the trailers we've been watching for the last 8 months lead us to think we were going to see. The most jarring issue being footage and lines seen and heard in the trailers, but not in the released movie giving the appearance of either a re-edit after re-shoots or parts filmed specifically for the trailers to build anticipation, to which I say hopefully we'll get an extended cut on Blu-Ray in a few months.

Granted, yes it happens all the time, stuff seen and heard in trailers doesn't always make it in to the final cut of movies these days, but the trailer's ensemble of bits gave a sense of a young woman finally finding her place in the galaxy in an alliance of underdogs against an imposing regime, but the actual story is darker and bumpier. She doesn't immediately want to help the Rebellion, and sees she is just being used to find her father, and then has to fight for the leaders to listen to her father's gambit and, in the end her determination inspires only a small group to help her to which then only after when that group calls for reinforcements does the rest of the Rebel Alliance go to war. So what I'm saying is I would of liked Jyn inspiring and lighting a fire under the Rebellion's ass as a whole instead on the slow trickle chain reaction we got.

On to characters, I didn't know what to expect from K-2SO, but I'm glad they didn't put many of his line in trailers cause every time he spoke he stole the moment, Alan Tudyk did an extraordinary job. I really liked Diego Luna's Cassian Andor, as a lover of realistic spy and military movies he was a welcomed rendition to the Star Wars galaxy, and can't wait to see what kind of books writers can write about his earlier missions. Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen was superb casting as Chirrut Îmwe, and Baze Malbus bringing something I find very lacking in alot of Star Wars material; those who can't use The Force, but believe in The Force; something I always was lead to believe was like a religion in the Star Wars universe from how it was talked about in the original trilogy.

I have to say Director Krennic played by Ben Mendelsohn was not the Imperial officer I thought he was going to be, and I liked it, he was more of a sniveling bureaucrat and crooked businessman, but at the same time knew how to do things better then the career military officers around him. I really hate that he was a victim of the re-editing and re-shoots I would of love to have seen him do more in the movie. Speaking of doing more in the film, holy shit was Grand Moff Tarkin in a big chunk of the film, as a CGI resurrected actor over body double I thought we would only seen once quick scene with him in the shadows, but damn was he a major part of the story, I applaud you Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic, very well executed. 

I think I have to say I like Rogue One a bit more than The Force Awakens, and it's because of the direct connection to the original trilogy, where as The Force Awakens tried to pander to OT fans, fans of the prequels and to mass audiences giving it an uncohesiveness in overall tone. Oh boy does this movie rev up my love for the original trilogy with it's ending leading directly in to he opening scene of A New Hope by perhaps mere moments, perfection. That final Darth Vader hallway scene was a masterpiece of cinema and a treasure to behold, the greatest scene on the big screen in 2016 hands down. 

Disney/Lucasfilm whatever you got penciled in for your third anthology movie scratch it out, and make an entire Darth Vader movie showing us that same Dark Lord of The Sith portrayed in that final act: the feared, powerful, and merciless Jedi killer we have all been waiting to see for decades that end of the prequels denied us, please.

Monday, December 19, 2016

What I've Been Up to...

Sorry for the month delay between post, been busy with work, and other life adventures with resting in between when I can. I have not forgotten my recently reactivated blog, been wanting to post some recent coolness, but just haven't had the time to sit and concentrate 'til now. So here are some things I'm gonna quick-blog about and teases of future post coming in the near future.

Meet & Signing with Jim Lee and John Romita Jr.:
 Meet Jim Lee for my second time at a VIP Grand Opening of a comic shop in Las Vegas, and then was able to meet my other favorite comic book artist of all time (both #1 to me) John Romita Jr. for the first time at a small comic convention the next day, and even got my name pulled to get a sketch done by him, was an amazing weekend that week.

Comics Galore!:
Should of taken pictures, but between the convention and a few more comic shops I visited in the last couple weeks I've gotten tons of back issue comics I've been looking for. Filled out some holes in X-Men titles, got some runs of almost every Avengers title you can think of, and even some mid-era Ultimate titles. Maybe Retro Reviews in the future.

Current Reads Reviews:
I've still been reading alot of the DC Rebirth titles, Steve Rogers: Captain America (or Hydra Steve as I've liked to start calling it, and Boom Studios' Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Have plenty to say about each, my current reading reviews are coming soon.

My three recent acquisitions, got the Death Trooper a few weeks ago, got Space Red Ranger a few days ago, and just brought home the Walgreen exclusive Jim Lee Punisher tonight. Not pictured is the whole series of X-Men Marvel Legends Juggernaut Wave I got months ago I've been dying to photo shoot. Reviews and cool pics on the way.

Saw Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and Star Wars: Rogue One this weekend. Thinking of doing a review post for Rogue One, still compiling thoughts on it, and I actually don't think I have much to say about, so don't expect a lengthy detailed analysis, just my overall opinion on the film. Fantastic Beast was really good, really enjoyed it, a great addition the Potter Universe and can't wait for the next movie with the cast.

Thank you and Stay Tuned!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Power Ranger Legacy 5in. Figures

Finally got all the 5 inch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Legacy figures, started out with getting the Armored Red Ranger, finally ending with the arrival of the  Pink Ranger. In these pictures you'll see the seven Power Rangers from the Legacy line and two from Super Megaforce 5 inch Action Hero line. The Legacy line didn't have an unarmored Red Ranger or Might Morphin' accurate Green Ranger since they were already released in the Super Megaforce Action Hero line.

The show accurate Green Ranger is a kitbash of a Legacy figure and a SMF figure. I didn't like the silver on the helmet or the silver morpher of the legacy as it appeared in an episode of Dino Thunder, so I tracked down a Super Megaforce Action Hero Green Ranger. Where the SMF figure was nearly show accurate is was missing gold stripes on the upper arms and had an ugly muted yellow Dragon Shield instead of the shiny gold the Legacy figure has. So the heads were impossible to swap what i did was swap the upper arms, and used a hair dryer to loosen the glue of each of their Dragon Shields and then swaped those, thus making a 100% TV show accurate Green Ranger.

I have to admit I became a little obsessed with getting all these figures, I had to have a complete team, I need a shine to my love of the original Mighty Morphin' era, to the Rangers I cared for the most from my childhood. These figures may not be super articulated and/or have many possibles for poses, but their sculpting, paint, and painted weapons are a cherished testament worthy of being called Legacy. I can not be the only fan that really wishes they also released a Legacy Putty Patroller to give our Rangers villains to pound on and create an awesome group fight scene.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Might Include Minor Spoilers!

Marvel Studios hits it out of the ballpark once again with it's 14th movie in The Marvel Cinematic Universe with another perfectly balanced in every way adaptation of comic's favorite Sorcerer Supreme. The best thing I love about this film is it didn't feel like a superhero movie, it's very reminiscent of mystical fantasy movies but set in modern times along the lines of how Ant-Man was heist movie or the Captain America sequels were spy chasing political thrillers. With this installment we aren't just introduce to the magical side of the universe, but also to the concept of The Multiverse which now opens the doors to see in the films travel to other dimensions and possibly see alternate reality versions of heroes, villains, and universes we never thought we'd ever see on the big screen.

I don't think any one else could of played Dr. Stephen Strange better then Benedict Cumberbatch, he portrayed perfectly every stage of the character masterfully, from arrogant surgeon to angry patient to lost soul to neophyte student to excepting defender of the realm. I really like that they didn't make Chiwetel Eijofor's Mordo the villain of the movie and instead started him out as a friend and fellow protector to see his views and beliefs turn him down the dark path and set up his rivalry with Strange. I haven't read alot of Dr. Strange comics to get any affinity for The Ancient One so I didn't mind the gender change and thought Tilda Swinton was absolutely magnificent as teacher and burdened master, and honestly I don't think the movie would of had the same pathos if they stuck with the old man archetype.

You can tell Mads Mikkelsen was having a lot of fun playing bad guy Kaecilius making it a joy to watch him confronting the heroes, definitely one of the better movie villains above previous one-dimesonial takes the likes of Malekith and Ronan. What was really great was the reveal of Dormammu as the even bigger bad cause you can't finally have a Dr. Strange movie and not mention or tease his greatest nemesis which was only phenomenally out done by how Strange defeated The Lord of Darkness.

Well this marks the appearance of the fifth Infinity Stone in the MCU, so now where will the sixth and final one, The Soul Gem, appear: in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 or Thor: Ragnarok? Marvel studios has found a formula that works, cause like previous Marvel movies this one has the perfect balance of action, humor, and drama and isn't too long or too short, just enough time to give us everything we need for a movie-going experience. The guest appearance in the mid-credits was a delightful surprise, and of course the after-credit scene sets up the premise for Doctor Strange's next cinematic adventure.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Comic Pulls

DC Rebirth All-Star Batman #1-3
I forgot to  review the first issue in my last pull report, by now I've read three, and holy Bat-shit is it fricking good. John Romita Jr. is one of my all time favorite comic book artist, dead even with Jim  Lee, both #1 to me. Romita's rugged and insanely detailed art brings such a high-octane dynamic to Batman and his villains that makes you cheer at every page. Don't let the All-Star title fool you, this is in in-continuity book, which basically is a continuation of Scott Snyder's New 52 Batman run, so if you we're a fan of that run here's more.  
 Captain America: Steve Rogers #5
 I repeat from last time, I'm loving the Hydra Cap story, but I hate that it has to be squeezed in the lack-luster Civil War II event. Most of the issue was a recap of what's been happening in CW2 from Steve's point of view. Spenser's take on altered history Cap is great, he's still Steve but with his own agenda now, and really liking Javier Pina's art over previous artist Jesus Saiz's issues.

DC Rebirth Suicide Squad One-Shot & #1-4
I will admit I am mostly buying this comic for the Jim Lee artwork, but I am feeling like writer Rob Williams isn't a very good writer and not creating the proper situations for Lee's extraordinary talent to illustrate. I like that the one-shot introduce us to Rick Flag and where he's been during the New 52, and thus making the team resemble the current live-action movie line-up. I'm hoping the first four issues were rushed and stretched out, and that starting with issue #5 that it'll get more interesting. 

 DC Rebirth Supergirl One-Shot & #1-2
I read the first 12 issues of the New 52 Supergirl run, and enjoyed the new angrier and more Kryptonian loner take on Kara Zor-El but Rebirth is turning her into the more classic "new girl on Earth" with an adoptive family complete with more classic costume. I do like that adoptive parents and new secret identity are supplied by the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to appear similar to the current live-action TV series. My main draw to the new series was the return of Cyborg Superman, and I'm not gonna spoil it but I approve of his new original identity for him. 

 DC Rebirth Superman #8
Again, can not recommend this series enough, best book coming out of Rebirth right now. Staying strong with the father and son dynamic, but now a quick story arc with dinosaurs. Will be picking up this book as long as this writing/drawing team stays on. 

  DC Rebirth Trinity #1
Wow, how man comics have you seen written, drawn, and colored all by the same person, I applaud Francis Manapul. The new ongoing tells the tale of Batman and Wonder Woman wanting to get to know the new Superman from a previous universe, and with this issue show them coming to have dinner with Clark and his family, and start to see them begin to form new personal relationships with each other from scratch. I like it, this trio isn't the trinity of long times friends but of three personalities coming together each with a different view of each other.