Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All New Avengers Trailer!

This movie is going to be the exact definition of Epic, in scale, action, and acting. If Avengers is going to go down as one of the great Superhero just imagine what how awesome Marvel is gonna have make Thor 2 and Iron Man 3, let alone Avengers 2. Man I almost feel bad for DC Comics watching this movie and crapping their pants knowing they need to and probably can't make a Justice League movie anywhere as close as good.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, horrible movie? Not quite. Great movie? No. I'm gonna have to give the film 2 out 5 Flaming Skulls.

First I want to say I hate these "it works as a sequel, but we're gonna change their origin sightly in a quick flashback" crap, they did it before in Incredible Hulk and Punisher: War Zone, what the hell is with that? You think from the directing team of Crank you'd have a great dark comedy action movie with Ghost Rider replacing Jason Statham, instead we get a lot of boring "story-setting" talking either while sitting around or driving with the occasional Ghost Rider fight. If your going in to this thinking at least it's got zany Nic Cage at he's zaniest, sorry he's actually pretty mild and tamed down this time around.

I will say Ghost Rider's new design is pretty awesome, really close to he's look in the Road to Damnation mini-series, great touches on the burnt jacket and charred skull. I really wish they gave Ghost Rider more to do then just vaporize guys with a whip of he's chain, any other fiery dispatchment was seen in the trailers, no surprise take downs, I really missed the penance stare and Hellfire shotgun.

That's bad when a badly handled "sequel" makes the not so well accepted original look damn near like The Dark Knight or X2 in comparison. What didn't help was there was no memorable threatening or believable pure evil villain, Roarke never spoke like or gave off the attitude of someone who is suppose to the all evil Prince of Lies & Darkness, and Blackout was no challenge whatsoever and easily killed, he was just there to have a villain from the comics. I really think this movie was made because Sony just wanted to make some money before they lost the rights to Ghost Rider, and Cage wanted to play he's favorite characters one last time even if it was for a lower budget and rushed script.

Monday, February 20, 2012

DC Universe Classics Series 20 Sinestro Review

DC Universe Classics Series 20 also gave us another long awaited redo in Sinestro, who's first figure came out back in Classics Series 3 but Mattel for some reason made him on a smaller buck more suited for a teenager body-type causing him to be a head shorter then all their other figures. 4 years, and 17 waves of figures later we finally have a Sinestro who can proudly face off against Hal Jordan on our shelves eye to eye, using the the tall and slender body first used for Deadman in Series 11. The Sinestro here from series 20 is in he's Sinestro Corps uniform, but don't worry if you also want him in classic black and blue costume that figure came out in a Green Lantern Vs. Sinestro 2-Pack.

New body parts unique to him are he's head, collar, forearms, belt, and feet, which I think he's belt and collar could of been handled a bit better, the collar used I think portray he's original costume's collar better, but for he's Corps uniform's high and tight collar I believe a painted on design would of looked better. The design of he's costume's center stripe goes down to he's crotch, so they painted the stripe over the belt, there is suppose to be a gap in the belt there but instead there is a flat black area which I think could of been cut out to not have that standing out bump. Sinestro comes with a yellow Power Battery which I'm glad they gave him the Lantern shaped one instead the awful Fear symbol shaped one that came with he's original figure that I don't think I ever saw in the comics, and the head of this series's Nekron collect-n-connect figure.

This is the Sinestro DC Universe Classics collectors have been waiting for, so if you been waiting to replace the the previous height impaired former guardian of Sector 1417, he is here. I highly recommend him to any Green Lantern fan to have Hal's nemesis, and of course lead he's Corps if you have them. You know I hope they repaint this figure and give us Green Lantern Sinestro as he looks currently in the comics.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 Highlights

The 2012 Toy Fair happened over the weekend, some new figures were shown, and some new info released, but nothing too surprising unfortunately. Let's see what my personal highlights were:

Marvel Legends: Series 3 U.S. Agent and Blade

U.S. Agent is looking to be mostly a repaint of Bucky Cap from series 2 with a new head and added on gauntlets to create the longer gloves, he even shares the same repainted weapons as well, but is still an amazing long waited for figure I can't wait to own. Blade on the other hand really doesn't impress me much, a new head on Ultimate Nick Fury's body with Winter Soldier's vest, come on Hasbro, they got he's current mustache right, but he should have strips of hair on he's head, not be completely bald, and also the red on the inside of the jacket would look better if it didn't also go up the collar. It seems Trenchcoat Punisher is gonna be the running change for Blade, and that Mystique will also be in series, and her running change will be Moonstar.

Marvel Universe: Angel and Nova

Hasbro showed off most of their single carded figures coming out in 2012, I'm excited for a lot of them especially the new molds of Hulk and Punisher. Out of the previously unseen series 4 figures, Angel and Nova are the real stand outs. Interesting news about a Death's Head figure coming, perhaps one day I'll my Death's Head II.

Avengers 3.75 In. Figures: Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye

Alot of the 3 3/4 scale figures for the Avengers movie look to be re-releases of Cap, Iron Man, and Thor from their previous lines mixed with a few new molds for the new costumes and characters. The ones I will be looking forward to buying are the Comic Series figures, shown so far are Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye to add to our 3 3/4 scale Ultimates team. Hopefully the Comics Series will also have new Avengers and villains not made in the Marvel Universe line yet. 

Marvel Select: Ultron

ULTRON! Finally Ultron in he's most wanted classic form. Another Marvel Select must have that Marvel Legends never did right.

DC Universe Signature Collection Rocket Red and Poison Ivy

Mattel showed off more figures for their online purchase only DC Signature Collection, I'm personally excited for Rocket Red to add to my Justice League International team, and Poison Ivy, an essential for Batman's Rogue Gallery. Also shown was Black Mask, Mirror Master and Platinum, Mirror Master is cool to add a Flash villain, but I would of preferred Black Mask with no suit jacket on, just a white long sleeve shirt with the arms rolled up. All Star Series 2 New 52 Flash was revealed, first I don't entirely like he's new costume, and two, I feel those yellow lines shouldn't be painted on him, it works a comic art dynamic, but not as a permanent painted in detail.

Play Arts Kai: Mass Effect 3
Hell Yeah! I'll definitely want that Commander Shepard. Thank you Play Arts for getting the rights to Mass Effect.

Playmates: Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Can not wait to see these in the stores, these are an absolute must have for any TMNT fan, especially for us that grew up with the original cartoon and action figures. Awesome homage to the original blister package, high foot Playmates.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Review

I have been wanting this Green Lantern figure for a long time, he first came out as a Toys'R'Us exclusive in mid-2010, never came across him, and wasn't gonna cave and get him off-line for more then twice retail. I did almost buy the Green Lantern Vs. Zodac DC Vs. MotU 2-pack to get him, but then I found Modern Hal was packed in DC Universe Classics Series 20 cases on Big Bad Toy Store, I couldn't press add to cart quick enough. The only difference between this Hal and the TRU exclusive is this release doesn't come with a Power Battery accessory, WTH Mattel?

First off, pics of this guy does not do him enough justice, he is stunning in hand thanks he's paint job, which is all a perfectly sheens thanks he's metallic green, glossy black, and pearl white. My #1 obsessive attractor for this figure was this is Hal in he's modern version of he's Green Lantern uniform, which major difference from he's pre-ressurection costume is the redesign of the central green area on he's torso now stops at a point on he's waist line and not encompassing he's crotch area to make Super-Hero trunks, so to speak. As I said before this GL didn't come with a should of been obvious Mattel Power Battery, which I think if he doesn't come with a Power Battery then he should at least come with a Construct Weapon, but no, nothing at all, not even one of those blue figure stands, if it were up to me every Green Lantern would come with a Power Battery and a Construct.

If you don't have a DCUC Green Lantern, get this one. If you collect DC Universe Classics, get this guy. If you love Green Lantern, get this Hal Jordan. He may not come with any accessories but he's totally superb and stunning paint job more then makes up for it, he looks awesome just standing there, plus you could always borrows accessories from other GLs.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard Review

With the huge success of the Mass Effect 2 video game and the cementing of Mass Effect as a money making franchise here to stay, DC Direct created a line of highly detailed action figures to be released almost a year and a half after the release of the game. At first I wasn't that excited to get an action figure of Commander Shepard with a head that wasn't my customized face and hair, but after seeing photos of Shepard out of package in reviews, I was amazed with the level of detail and paint application on he's N7 armor, then I knew I had to have him. For over a decade DC Direct has done incredible work bringing three dimensional life to DC Comic's plethora of Super-Heroes, but with this line they show that their sculptors can recreate a computer generated character model in plastic like they just walked out of the game.

The sculpt in hand close up is a real sight to behold, tons of different textures with sculpted in details painted in, along with sweet mixes of black and gray variations, even the default male head sculpt is perfectly brought to physicality. Shepard comes with he's battle helmet, and he's trusty M-8 Avenger assault rifle, which I have to say is as accurately sculpted as he's armor, though I would of liked at least one more weapon been included, but it seems DC Direct's plan to have each character each come with a different weapon is a selling point to get the other figures. DC Direct isn't exactly known for their articulation in figures, so I was surprised to find out Shepard has got complete swivel just above he's elbow and knee joints, rotating wrist and balljointed ankles, only problem is you can just barely make him look like he's holding he's rifle, and can't even get he's arms high enough to look like he's firing it thanks to he super solid shoulder pads.

If your a fan of the Mass Effect universe and a toy collector then DC Direct ME2 Commander Shepard is an awesome piece of fandom to have. Series 2 of this line was thought to have been canceled but has recently confirmed to be coming out soon, which I am glad cause I'm definitely thinking of getting Garrus and Legion to accompany Shepard on my shelf. I can only hope they'll make more characters from the first game later, I would love to have Saren to stand off against.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man 3D Trailer

Thank you Andrew Garfield, and thank you Marc Webb, for giving me a wise-talking and web-shooter equipped Spider-Man, I can not express that enough. I am sorry Toby Maguire and Sam Raimi but your films just got replaced in my eyes as mediocre attempts. Amazing Spider-Man is looking to be just that: Amazing, bring on the sequels and Green Goblin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avengers Super Bowl Teaser

BEAUTIFUL! Soon, very soon we will hear "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" in a live action movie in a movie theater, a dream come true. Wow, I've decided this movie is one I'm definitely gonna try and see at the midnight release. Also from what I see of them in the teaser I beginning to believe that Loki's Army may be The Kree.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Soul Calibur V Collector's Edition Unpacking

I love same-day-as-release delivery, I've been playing this since Tuesday. A full review is coming after I do almost everything in the game, I want to be very thorough. The Collector's edition is very nice, pull it out of the sleeve and you got this nice almost faux-leather book, you open it up and you have the "Making Of DVD" on the inside of the cover, and then in the compartment you have the game case staring at ya, then you pull that to get to the beautiful artbook full of character details, full color art, and sketch work you won't see anywhere else. In the back of the artbook is stashed the official soundtrack CD, and as an additional bonus a redeem code is included to download Dark Knight and White Knight armor pieces to use in character creation.

I highly recommended this as a collector's items for hardcore Soul Calibur fans, I just love how freaking cool the book design is, looks great next to my Soul Calibur IV steel case.