Monday, January 28, 2013

Still Alive/Random Thoughts

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, I assure you I am still alive. It pains me and I kick myself every day I don't post something, but the combination of barely having time to sit down to assemble a post of any kind and my current computer keeps on dying on me, and I keep on bringing it back to some resemblance of working life to get basic file holding and internet usage out of it. Today I'm just gonna type out things that's happened or interested me in the last month and a half.

Christmas 2012:  For Christmas my girlfriend got me V For Vendetta in trade paperback and a cool Star Trek book by William Shatner, my mom found me an awesome Star Trek 25th anniversary pewter mug, my brother got me the extended Avatar blu-ray and an 8-Pack of Iron Man 3 3/4 in. figures I didn't have, and my grandma got me the set of Chucky movies on DVD.

J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars Episode VII: When I first heard Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and that they were planning to make a new movie to be out by 2015 I was a little skeptical on the creation of a new film, fearing it could come out worst then the prequel trilogy, but now with J.J. Abrams on board I have faith and greater hope for the new adventure. The questions are: Is he gonna direct more then one? or even all three of the new trilogy?, and is he still gonna have the time to direct a third Star Trek film? Also Disney if you going to have him direct, please also let him do any rewrites he wants to the script.

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series Cancelled: What the Hell DC and Cartoon Network? Young Justice and Green Lantern are the two best TV series to feature DC Comic characters since the original Batman: The Animated Series. Young Justice out does the superhero team dynamic of action and drama that original Justice League cartoon never came close to, and Green Lantern is a perfect adaption of the Green Lantern mythos, simplifying without stupefying, a series that still has plenty of tales left to bring to life. Seriously DC and Cartoon Network what are you thinking? That you have to cancel two shows to make room for two shows, why can't you have four DC shows on DC Nation? DC should has boo-koo bucks right now to put in to animated shows to get their characters out there, and I am still doubting Beware The Batman is gonna be any good.

Now: I'm currently in the middle of writing a toy review, and I've got plenty of figures in the last few months for upcoming reviews and still want to write reviews of DC New 52 comics I've been reading. I am reassuring you Temporal Flux is still functioning and new post are coming. Hopefully when I get a new computer with my Income Tax Return I will start back to a regular posting schedule.