Sunday, November 13, 2016

Power Ranger Legacy 5in. Figures

Finally got all the 5 inch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Legacy figures, started out with getting the Armored Red Ranger, finally ending with the arrival of the  Pink Ranger. In these pictures you'll see the seven Power Rangers from the Legacy line and two from Super Megaforce 5 inch Action Hero line. The Legacy line didn't have an unarmored Red Ranger or Might Morphin' accurate Green Ranger since they were already released in the Super Megaforce Action Hero line.

The show accurate Green Ranger is a kitbash of a Legacy figure and a SMF figure. I didn't like the silver on the helmet or the silver morpher of the legacy as it appeared in an episode of Dino Thunder, so I tracked down a Super Megaforce Action Hero Green Ranger. Where the SMF figure was nearly show accurate is was missing gold stripes on the upper arms and had an ugly muted yellow Dragon Shield instead of the shiny gold the Legacy figure has. So the heads were impossible to swap what i did was swap the upper arms, and used a hair dryer to loosen the glue of each of their Dragon Shields and then swaped those, thus making a 100% TV show accurate Green Ranger.

I have to admit I became a little obsessed with getting all these figures, I had to have a complete team, I need a shine to my love of the original Mighty Morphin' era, to the Rangers I cared for the most from my childhood. These figures may not be super articulated and/or have many possibles for poses, but their sculpting, paint, and painted weapons are a cherished testament worthy of being called Legacy. I can not be the only fan that really wishes they also released a Legacy Putty Patroller to give our Rangers villains to pound on and create an awesome group fight scene.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Might Include Minor Spoilers!

Marvel Studios hits it out of the ballpark once again with it's 14th movie in The Marvel Cinematic Universe with another perfectly balanced in every way adaptation of comic's favorite Sorcerer Supreme. The best thing I love about this film is it didn't feel like a superhero movie, it's very reminiscent of mystical fantasy movies but set in modern times along the lines of how Ant-Man was heist movie or the Captain America sequels were spy chasing political thrillers. With this installment we aren't just introduce to the magical side of the universe, but also to the concept of The Multiverse which now opens the doors to see in the films travel to other dimensions and possibly see alternate reality versions of heroes, villains, and universes we never thought we'd ever see on the big screen.

I don't think any one else could of played Dr. Stephen Strange better then Benedict Cumberbatch, he portrayed perfectly every stage of the character masterfully, from arrogant surgeon to angry patient to lost soul to neophyte student to excepting defender of the realm. I really like that they didn't make Chiwetel Eijofor's Mordo the villain of the movie and instead started him out as a friend and fellow protector to see his views and beliefs turn him down the dark path and set up his rivalry with Strange. I haven't read alot of Dr. Strange comics to get any affinity for The Ancient One so I didn't mind the gender change and thought Tilda Swinton was absolutely magnificent as teacher and burdened master, and honestly I don't think the movie would of had the same pathos if they stuck with the old man archetype.

You can tell Mads Mikkelsen was having a lot of fun playing bad guy Kaecilius making it a joy to watch him confronting the heroes, definitely one of the better movie villains above previous one-dimesonial takes the likes of Malekith and Ronan. What was really great was the reveal of Dormammu as the even bigger bad cause you can't finally have a Dr. Strange movie and not mention or tease his greatest nemesis which was only phenomenally out done by how Strange defeated The Lord of Darkness.

Well this marks the appearance of the fifth Infinity Stone in the MCU, so now where will the sixth and final one, The Soul Gem, appear: in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 or Thor: Ragnarok? Marvel studios has found a formula that works, cause like previous Marvel movies this one has the perfect balance of action, humor, and drama and isn't too long or too short, just enough time to give us everything we need for a movie-going experience. The guest appearance in the mid-credits was a delightful surprise, and of course the after-credit scene sets up the premise for Doctor Strange's next cinematic adventure.