Sunday, November 13, 2016

Power Ranger Legacy 5in. Figures

Finally got all the 5 inch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Legacy figures, started out with getting the Armored Red Ranger, finally ending with the arrival of the  Pink Ranger. In these pictures you'll see the seven Power Rangers from the Legacy line and two from Super Megaforce 5 inch Action Hero line. The Legacy line didn't have an unarmored Red Ranger or Might Morphin' accurate Green Ranger since they were already released in the Super Megaforce Action Hero line.

The show accurate Green Ranger is a kitbash of a Legacy figure and a SMF figure. I didn't like the silver on the helmet or the silver morpher of the legacy as it appeared in an episode of Dino Thunder, so I tracked down a Super Megaforce Action Hero Green Ranger. Where the SMF figure was nearly show accurate is was missing gold stripes on the upper arms and had an ugly muted yellow Dragon Shield instead of the shiny gold the Legacy figure has. So the heads were impossible to swap what i did was swap the upper arms, and used a hair dryer to loosen the glue of each of their Dragon Shields and then swaped those, thus making a 100% TV show accurate Green Ranger.

I have to admit I became a little obsessed with getting all these figures, I had to have a complete team, I need a shine to my love of the original Mighty Morphin' era, to the Rangers I cared for the most from my childhood. These figures may not be super articulated and/or have many possibles for poses, but their sculpting, paint, and painted weapons are a cherished testament worthy of being called Legacy. I can not be the only fan that really wishes they also released a Legacy Putty Patroller to give our Rangers villains to pound on and create an awesome group fight scene.


  1. Would you be willing to either make a video or at least a detailed explanation of how you kitbashed the Green Ranger? I'm considering doing it with my own but I'm worried about accidentally breaking them.


  2. Let's see, the best way I could explain it is you see those round dots on the shoulders they are sticks that you can push out when the arm is softened enough from heat with either a tooth pick or similar thin object. Once the arms are off both figures, then comes heating up their shields which is held on the figure in the center of the chest and center of the back with wedges come in to cavities. You'll fell the glued in wedges getting loser as they are heated and you slowly wiggle them out.

    Once both wedges are out the the neck hole of the shield should be soft enough to be pulled over the head, apply more heat if needed to soften the opening. Then the trick is pull/push the shield over his head, but at the same time keeping pressure and hold down the head so not to stretch out his neck which still be soft from the heat as well.

    Then all you have to do is heat up the shield again and lower it on the other body, you can add super glue to the wedges if you want, but mine has stayed in no problem. Put the arms with the gold bands on,and presto TV accurate Green Ranger with shiny gold shield and gold morpher. I advise doing all this with a high powered hair dryer, and on a big enough table to spread all the parts out on a towel or sheet so not to lose them.

    Ebay is the best place to find a Super Mega Force Action Hero Green Ranger, look at the pictures carefully though before you purchase, they are two type of Green Rangers out there. One has shorter lower leg shins then the current legacy figures and the other has the proper new length, so keep an eye out for that. On mine I had to swap the shins at well to keep him the same height as the other five rangers.

    1. Quick question, what prevented you from being able to swap the heads? Is it the type of joint?

  3. Yes, the head/neck is all one piece which ends in a bulb inside the chest. Which means the two pieces of the chest are put together holding it in so even with extreme heating to soften it still won't come out and pulling on it only stretches the neck out.