Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MG Gundam Ez8 Update

Now that I have recovered from a muscle injury I've started to feel comfortable enough to sit down and resume building my Master Grade Gundam Ez8 a couple of days ago. From where I left off with he's arms and legs built, now I completed he's crotch, torso, shoulder armor, and did most of the detail and panel lines. Now just got he's head, backpack and weapons left to build and some detailing and stickers and Ez8 should be done soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marvel Universe Ultimate Gift Set 5-Pack Review

When I heard about this set coming out I thought I'd never see it, let alone own it, but by incredible miraculous luck my Wal-Mart got it in along with the other Hasbro Ultimate Gift Sets for Christmas. I was strapped for cash cause of the Holiday shopping so I decided to get it later, but much to my very happy surprise I ended up getting it as a Christmas present. I'm so glad I got this set since I didn't have any of these figures, each figure has a new paint deco to make them unique to this set and everyone comes with an accessory, hell Spider-Man comes with two.

I been searching for a classic Captain America, so he was the real star of the set I was looking forward to, to lead my 3 3/4 inch Avengers. This Cap's deco to me is the best yet out of all of the previous Marvel Universe releases, the perfect blue, the just right red for the gloves and boots, and the sculpted on classic black belt instead of the modern pouched belt. Of course Cap's accessory is he's shield, but this one is molded in clear plastic to I believe emulate he's energy shield he used a few times in the comics, I would of preferred a normal shield but I'm not complaining, I finally got Cap.

The God of Thunder here is painted in a variation of he's classic costume, and like Cap the colors used are what I call "Comic Perfect", the red of the cape, the blue of he's pants, down to the dark yellow of the boot wraps. Thor's cape is removable, it simply just pegs in to he's back in two spots, I do have a slight gripe with the cape's length as it touches the ground, basically holding Thor up, but I guess if it was shorter then he'd be back heavy. The Thunderer comes equipped with he's trusty Uru hammer Mjolnor, which in my opinion could been a little bigger, it is the classic design thou.

This Classic Armor Iron Man is same as MU#21, the difference is this release has very little paint with the red and yellow parts molded in that color, giving him a cool "just walk off the comic page" visual palette. MU Classic Armor is skinnier then the Iron Man 2 Comic Series version of the same armor, so I like to look at it this one as a more skin tight suitcase portable model compared to the thicker heavy fighting/space capable suit. Tony's only accessory is the energy funnel blast every MU Iron Man comes with.


Spider-Man here in he's original red and blue outfit is a repainted Black Costume Spider-Man, I do wish he had he's signature web shooting hand, and thigh cut articulation like Scarlet Spider. I have to say I'm actually glad that he is a repaint cause the previous original Marvel Universe Spidey mold were very short. Peter comes a sweet web backpack, and this huge web line monstrosity that really needs to be redesigned to be smaller, remove the mess in the back, and clip on better.


Even though Wolverine here is a repaint of Marvel Universe's first and constantly repainted Wolvie mold, I love him, I think he's perfect, he could use a thigh cut articulation, but it's he's nice thin and separated claws that put him above all other Wolverine sculpts. The yellow on him is perfect for this costume, but I think the brown could been a little darker, to me it came out like a milk chocolate brown. Logan's only accessory is a Katana sword, but he really doesn't need it, come on he's The Damn Wolverine.

I very highly recommend this gift set to any one who is just starting to collect Marvel Universe figures, or hell a Marvel hero loving kid would fricking love this set. To the long time MU collector this set offers amazing repaints to fill out teams or even make alternate rosters. If you didn't pick this set up at Wal-Mart during the holiday season, it may or may not still be out in stores, or you can find it on Ebay or Amazon, good hunting.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

Oh man I can not wait to play this in Fall. Almost felt like a Gears of War trailer, but everything both visually and audibly is nostalgic perfection straight from the original film, so I was drooling. I have to give huge props to Gearbox Software for doing their homework and working in facts like Xenomoprh blood not hurting each other for that great lead in to the Queen Alien.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boldly Gone

Found this great new web comic: Boldly Gone, that shows what it's like to be a Starfleet Starhip Captain other then James T. Kirk but always hearing about all of he's exploits that are far more grandiose and attention getting thereby making other Captain's commands look mundane and forgettable. The main characters are Captain Paul Meredith of the USS Manadala, he's first officer former Orion Slave Girl Commander Arlynn D'Resh, and Chief Medical Officer Doctor Ken Chau. This is great, you've always wondered what the other Captains thought of Kirk's adventures, and seeing what the Kirk-praising is doing to Captain Meredith is fantastic storytelling entertainment. Boldly Gone has only had a few updates so you can get caught up real fast, new strips will be out biweekly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Temporal Flux: One Year Anniversary!

One year and 190 post later Temporal Flux is now one year old. I am just glad I made it this far, I try every day to think up and look for stuff to blog about, I put alot of time into taking pictures, looking up accurate info, and writing, pain-staking and time consuming writing to keep this place up to date and semi-professional, it really pains me when I don't post something for 2 or 3 days. To the future, I currently have post in mid-construction I working on ready to go up when finalized, and 2012 looks to be a great year for action figures, movies, and video games so you know I'll be writing about them.

I want to thank my followers, and Blogger, and hope more travelers will join me as Temporal Flux travels into the future.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Review

Thanks to a close friend and he's 3DS I was able to play the just released RE: Revelations demo, and it was pure nostalgic suspense that made me feel right back at survival horror home. Right of the bat you really notice the depth the 3D gives to the environment that really adds to the unsettling atmosphere, especially when wading through some low fog and you see it move past Jill as she walks through it. Another element that really shakes you while playing is the music, it's creepy and situation setting, but as soon as a creature starts wailing on you the music changes to an adrenaline pumping horror theme 'til you take them down or die trying.

The controls on the 3DS are perfectly laid out, and simple to use on the fly during battle, the d-pad is used for quick weapon change, and reloading, while the letter buttons are for shooting, stabbing, and healing. The Touch screen for puzzles was an amazing highlight in this demo, like using your finger or stylus to unscrew screws, who would of ever thought. A new element to Resident Evil gaming is the Item Scanner, which I think is gonna be a really handy asset in surviving in the full game by finding more ammo, health, upgrades, and maybe even key items, and then there's an information gathering part to it that I think will end up giving you clues to enemy weaknesses and perhaps reveal environmental hints.

A great thing I learned from this demo is that you can change the shooting style from the first person mode that may have scared off a few fans to the RE4 style of over the shoulder with laser sight, that made me very happy. If you haven't already, go download this demo, if your any kind of a Resident Evil fan old or new you will definitely enjoy this. Then join me in the anticipation for a great new RE story that may be actually setting up stuff for RE6.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

Wow, what can I say I'll be there, I've seen the last four in theaters I am gonna pay to see this one as well. I see a few new creatures, and I love there's going to be a team of heroes from the previous movies along with new faces including Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong. With Wesker coming back and Jill Valentine brainwashed, this movie is filled with characters from the video games, also I am pretty sure that is Patrick Stewart narrating the beginning.


YES!!! OH HELL YES!!! I am sorry Mass Effect 3 but you just got bumped down, RE6 is now my #1 greatest game of 2012. That was pure survival horror perfection, Leon and Chris together for the first time in the same RE game, holy shit a new Nemesis B.O.W., and ZOMBIES!, the fricking return of the T-Virus created zombies as the main threat, also saw some G-Virus mutations. I am so glad Capcom keep the development of 6 under wraps, not leaking teasers or early gameplay footage, cause up to today no one knew when RE6 might of arrived or what the story was gonna be, beautiful move Capcom nicely played. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Asura's Wrath

HOLY SHIT! does this game look freaking awesome. The game is like God of War meets Dragon Ball Z with a touch of Devil May Cry, I've heard the name here and there but now after seeing videos and playing the demo I can not wait to play the full game and see this epic story play out. If you love a good ol' beat'em up button masher with out of this world anime battles then you have to play this game, the demo is now up on PSN and Xbox Live, game will be on sale February 21st.   

Friday, January 13, 2012

Marvel Universe Darkhawk Review

First of all I was psyched when I heard Hasbro was gonna make a Darkhawk Marvel Universe figure, I love Darkhawk, I have Darkhawk #1 in my comic collection, hell I love obscure c-list 90's heroes, where's my Sleepwaker figure Hasbro. Darkhawk is the old Marvel Universe male buck but with he's new head, added silver armor pieces, and one hell of an awesome metallic blue and black paint job totally sells him as a must have. Darkhawk's only real accessory is he's removable wings, which I'm glad they made them solid and not stupid cloth or some sort of rigid back attachment. Now that we have Darkhawk, maybe we'll get he's enemy Evilhawk or even better a Darkhawk Marvel Legend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Movie

Hmm, looks like an alternate reality, you can see the new characters Akito and Reira, and I believe I saw Jeremiah, an insane Suzaku, and a chick that looks like Lelouch. New mecha and CGI action looks great, especially Akito's Alexander kicking ass. The movie will screen in 10 select theaters throughout Japan early this summer, also Yoshitaka Kawaguchi, the producer of the Code Geass anime franchise, has announced that a film adaptation of the original Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is planned as well.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review

I don't know why I loves these guys so much, I just do, I now have 21 of them only missing a rare from series 1. Series 3 is 50% X-Men, 25% Spider-Man, and 25% Fantastic Four, something for everyone. Here are the codes to identify who is who in the blind packs, remember this code is indented on right side border on the back of the package, but I must worn the codes I provide here might be different from some cases because of later production releases, good hunting.

Sandman: A28091MM (Common)
Mr. Fantastic: A03101MM (Common)
Iceman: A29091MM (Common)
Havok: A27091MM (Common)
Magneto: A30091MM (Common)
Stealth Spider-Man: A05101MM (Rare)
Cyclops: A04101MM (Rare)
Silver Surfer: A06101MM (Ultra Rare)

I have to say Iceman is favorite, yes he's just Silver Surfer cast in clear plastic but he's frosted coating along with he's clear plastic energy blast and blok stand is just visually great to look at. Sandman is 2nd because of he's weapon arm and bank bag accessory followed by Silver Surfer and he's perfect Surf Board he's feet peg in to. Cyclops loses points cause I hate the costume they painted on him, it's not an official in the comics costume it's only seen promotional art for Marvel, but breaks even cause I love he's clear ruby blok stand, then Magneto is nearly perfect but they should of add some purple paint to he's neck and collar area to better emulate he's costume.

Series 3 is another sweet addition to the Marvel Mega Blok line, I can't wait to hear who is gonna be in the next series. I'm still hoping to see Cable show up as a Mega Blok figure. Well now we have 5 X-Men, and with Mr. Fantastic we are on the road to hopefully getting the rest of the Fantastic Four, keep them coming Mega Bloks.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pic of The Day 01/05

Wow, apparently Smurfs turn in to goo when stepped on. Hopefully that wasn't Papa Smurf. Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K. is there but not Lion-O or a single Ghostbuster, what the hell?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie Masters Sinestro

I had to get Movie Masters Sinestro to accompany my Movie Masters Hal Jordan, I really wish they had more of a teacher and student partnership in the movie, a real lost opportunity that would of gave Mark Strong more screen time to shine. Like Hal Sinestro has the same amount of limited articulation, meaning even though he has articulation at he's elbow and knees they can only be bent at about 70 degrees, so that means I can't get Sinestro to cross he's arms across he's chest. The Korugaran Lantern of 1417 is wonderfully sculpted to recreate he's movie costume, Mattel did a great job on he's head, from the pink paint to the sculpted hair that perfectly portrays he's close and faded military cut to the etched in scars on he's face and yellow eyes. Sadly the only thing missing from this figure is a sword construct, he only comes with a collect-n-connect piece for the ugly movie version of Parallax I have no desire to ever complete.