Monday, January 2, 2012

Movie Masters Sinestro

I had to get Movie Masters Sinestro to accompany my Movie Masters Hal Jordan, I really wish they had more of a teacher and student partnership in the movie, a real lost opportunity that would of gave Mark Strong more screen time to shine. Like Hal Sinestro has the same amount of limited articulation, meaning even though he has articulation at he's elbow and knees they can only be bent at about 70 degrees, so that means I can't get Sinestro to cross he's arms across he's chest. The Korugaran Lantern of 1417 is wonderfully sculpted to recreate he's movie costume, Mattel did a great job on he's head, from the pink paint to the sculpted hair that perfectly portrays he's close and faded military cut to the etched in scars on he's face and yellow eyes. Sadly the only thing missing from this figure is a sword construct, he only comes with a collect-n-connect piece for the ugly movie version of Parallax I have no desire to ever complete.


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