Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Marvel Universe Black Widow & Avengers Comic Series 4-Pack Review

I've been wanting Black Widow for my 3 3/4 in. Avengers, but Marvel Universe's first go at her I felt was not very accurate, and was hoping Hasbro would re-release her in better colors later. I got my wish when Hasbro released the Avengers Assemble Comic Series that came with light-up inter-connectable stands, not only did was she now in all black with gold gauntlets and belt but she's also sporting a gorgeous brand new head sculpt which is very highly comic accurate. Sadly Natasha doesn't come with any weapons and her only accessory is her light-up Avengers base, but when you know she is a Femme Fatale she really doesn't need any.

This four pack was my Holy Grail for a while when it came out, I was searching Wal-Marts and Ebay daily, luckily a close friend of mine noticed and found it and got it for me as a birthday present. If you were like me and didn't have any of these figures then this set was a godsend from the Toy Gods, three figures only available in other exclusive sets and one not even released on single card yet, answer to my prayers.

Hawkeye: Previously only available in a Secret Wars 2-Pack, Clint comes with his trusty bow and one arrow. The Avenging Archer is a straight re-release from that 2-pack, portrayed in his classic and long worn costume.
Hulk: I never thought I'd get a Marvel Universe Hulk, didn't like any of he's previous sculpts, but this 2012 brand new sculpt is extraordinary with his textured skin and jeans, and tons of articulation, and best of all he was first available in this set before he's scheduled single card release.
Iron Man: This classic "Horn Head" Iron Man was another Wal-Mart exclusive Gigantic Battles Set with Goliath. Tony comes with two of those "funnel" Repulsor Blast I hate.
Loki: Like Iron Man he too was a Gigantic Battle Wal-Mart exclusive packed with a Frost Giant. No accessories but it's nice to have a classic God of Mischief to torment my classic Thor.

Yes I tracked down Black Widow and the Avengers 
4-Pack to complete the Movie/Avengers Assemble Team.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Trailer

Our first trailer for Thor: The Dark World doesn't reveal much of the story other than a The Darkness that existed before our Universe has survived and seems to be the power behind Malekith The Accursed, I am wondering if The Darkness is gonna be Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. I'm also interested in who that is in at 0:26 seconds, looks to be perhaps piloting whatever is crashing in to that city because you see a picture of Earth in front of him. And who couldn't ask for more of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, can't wait to see what mischief he'll cause for Thor this time around.

The first teaser poster for Thor: The Dark World if you haven't seen it: