Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

A very Catwoman heavy trailer, looks like she's going to be not only a thief, but also an sometimes ally to Batman just like in the comics. Also noticed they raised the volume on Bane's voice, but I wonder if that's just for this trailer to appease complaining theater goers and it'll be at the original low sound that I thought was perfect in the previous trailer in the actual movie. I'm still trying to figure out if Bruce imprisons himself for 8 years or if it is Bane that throw him in there, you can never tell with the editing in movie trailers.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Prometheus Trailer

Wow, so it looks like we are going to see some type of early creature related to the Xenomorphs we know before they assimilate or get re-engineered with Space Jokey DNA. I can't not wait to see how this movies cracks open and sets up the original Alien film. I have complete faith in Ridley Scott to make this movie perfectly fit in to continuity with out ruining anything, and still scare the crap out of us.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Locked and Loaded Ez8

Built Ez8's weapons, shield, backpack, and weapons container over the last few days, he is now armed and ready to take on some Zeon. My good friend and fellow Gunpla builder Kajimaru gave me a bottle of silver model spray paint to experiment with, so I choose to paint the vernier's on he's backpack, the barrel of he's machine gun, the tip of he's beam rifle, and the tip and end of the bazooka. So he is technically 100% done physically, but he won't be complete 'til I put on he's decals and stickers that identify him as the leader of the 08th MS Team, and part the Earth Federation Forces.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gundam Unicorn Ep.5 "Black Unicorn" Trailer 2

The second to last episode of the OVA series will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 8th. In the trailer you can hear this episode's theme song Broken Mirror by Boom Boom Satellites. After Unicorn is done I really hope Bandai looks in to animating Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop in a similar one-hour per episode OVA series, we Gundam fans need Heero Yuy in our lives again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

MG Gundam Ez8 Headway

Have to finish Ez8, still got two SD Gundams waiting to be built, and I just ordered a High Grade offline. Took an hour yesterday morning to put he's head together, and did most of the detailing on it, I did have to be extremely careful with the small white antennae cause it was so thin and had to be slide and glued in to place. Now that he himself is complete, only things left to build are he's weapons and backpack container, and then the finishing touches of applying stickers and decals.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Star Trek Game Teaser

Ooo, looking good, almost getting a Mass Effect vibe from that footage.  I can't wait to hear the banter between Kirk and Spock during the game, I really hope they can get Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to do the voices. It looks like the game will come out in the first quarter of 2013, so we can play it before the release of the next movie in May that year. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

DCUC Series 19 Magog

If Magog looks awfully similar to a certain favorite Marvel hero of mine, it more then just coincidence, he was designed I quote "look like everything we (Mark Waid & Alex Ross) hate in modern superhero design" which turned out to be all embodied in one Marvel character created by Rob Liefeld very popular at the time, Cable. So because of he's visual resemblance to Cable I have always had an interest in Magog, and even almost got he's DC Direct figure a few times, but then I heard he was going to be made in DC Universe Classics, I was psyched, I didn't think Mattel would ever consider Magog over other heroes and villains that haven't been made, I am probably more excited he was made then any other DCUC collector. Now there are technically two Magogs, the original one that appeared in the Elseworld Kingdom Come story set in an alternate future and the main continuity version who became a member of the Justice Society, the back of he's blister card says he's the present day Magog, but he's costume is virtually identical to the original's, so he can represent either in your collection.  

Magog has to be one of my absolute favorite DC Universe Classics, he is phenomenal to look at, he is over 90% completely new sculpt, the only two pieces that look like re-used parts are he's right shoulder and forearm, that's it. The sculptors at Mattel have hands down blown me away with this guy, he's shoulder pad and baldric are sculpted parts of he's chest and abdomen, something they could of easily just made a rubber piece that was attached to the belt, but no they sculpted it on, along with the already magnificent sculpted detail on he's armored left side chest, neck, and back area, that's going all out. Another real eye catching quality on him is the paint, he got the perfect hue of gold, not too bright without being too dull, and the light brown of he's belts, pouches and boots together with the drab grey of he's pants I think nicely portrays he's militaristic sensibilities.

Magog of course comes with he's prominent signature weapon, he's staff, and also the right leg of the S.T.R.I.P.E. collect-n-connect figure. There is really nothing more I could of asked for from this figure, beside maybe making the pistol a removable weapon for him to hold, but since he rarely ever used it I can understand why they didn't include it. Even if your a fan of Magog or not, he is an amazing figure to display and is unquestionably a must have for all DC Universe Classics collectors.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Captivate Trailer

C-Virus!? Son of Wesker!? Sherry Berkin!? Chris Vs. Leon!? My brain has exploded and is now dripping down the inner walls of my skull. I love you Capcom.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marvel Universe Wolverine Vs. Hand Ninja 2-Pack

This is my third Marvel Universe Wolverine, I had to get this one though, not only is he in he's iconic yellow and blue Tiger Stripe costume, but he's also a repaint of my favorite Wolverine buck with the perfect separated claws. More than just a repaint, to make this Wolvie a bit more sought after he's also sporting a new head and added shoulder pads making him a damn near perfect representation of Wolverine's most worn costume. The Ol' Canucklehead was only reason I tracked down this no longer in store Target exclusive 2-pack, the moment I learned he was the only blue and yellow Wolverine using my favorite sculpt instead of the super short buck with the blasphemes sculpted together claws thats being released and repainted over and over lately.

The second figure in the set is a Hand Ninja, this one in black garb instead of the usual red, he come's equipped with a Katana sword and nunchucks. Hand Ninja's body is a repaint of Ronin, mostly everything in black with dark metal gray for armor pieces, with a new head to complete the hooded assassin. So I recommend this set down for those who want a yellow and blue Wolverine with separated claws, and/or want a different color Hand Ninja to stand out in their army building.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DC: New 52 Thoughts (Part 4)

Nightwing #1
As a Batman fan this was a great read, seemingly the Flashpoint reboot may have changed details of the Bat-Family's past but the current status quo looks intact with Bruce Wayne returning to being Gotham's Dark Knight, and in this comic Dick Grayson returning to he's former identity as Nightwing. The writer Kyle Higgins also writes the new Deathstroke which isn't bad, but here if I didn't know better, I would of thought Higgins has wrote Nightwing for years, that's how good this issue is, not only does it feel like the writer knows him, but by the end you feel like you know Dick Grayson personally, and I have no complaints with Eddy Barrows artwork, Nightwing's fighting and movements are fluid and excellently drawn with a sense of motion. This is the first time Dick as Nightwing has been based in Gotahm instead of Bludhaven, which was destroyed in Infinite Crisis, along with a new costume with a red symbol instead of blue, no explanation given yet, but I think it might represent he's past as Robin.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #1-5
This ladies and gentlemen right here is my #1 favorite New 52 series, I'm a huge Jason Todd fan, and the deadly former Robin is at he's best here, he's not crazy, he's not out for revenge, just trying to be he's own kind of hero, taking what Batman thought him but using it in ways Bruce never would. As a long time Marvel collector I been reading Scott Lobdell's work for about 20 years, and even though this is he's first DC work, he does not let down, I love he's Jason and Roy (Arsenal) friendship/partnership dynamic, it's twisted buddy comedy that makes you laugh, and then there's the last couple pages of issue 3 that almost brought a tear to my eye, where I knew I wanted to follow this series as long as Lobdell is writing it. Don't let to the whole controversy over Starfire keep you from getting this great book, yes she is a bit different then her pre-Flashpoint self, but if you actually read the story there's more to her then what all the bad-press says about her, and she's only slept with one person so far, if you like Lobdell's work, or like Jason Todd then pick this up, you won't regret it.

 Superman #1 
I do not like the New 52 Superman, with the exception of Grant Morrison's Action Comics where he is younger, but the Superman I've seen in Justice League and here in this book does not depict any of what we loved or found captivating about the Man of Steel the last 70 years, I have not seen the always smiling, protecting and helping, thinking before fighting, level headed leader hero above all heroes. It's more then just him, it's the armored costume, the way they got he's hair now, and the new Clark Kent has messed up hair and an untucked shirt, WTH? Now about the actual book, I don't think I've read anything written by George Perez, I know he's work as an artist on Marvel and DC books, the story was alright, very talky but I did like how the other characters were portrayed, Lois Lane was definitely the best written, and I did enjoy alot of Jesus Merino's art, Supe's ugly new suit and hair style aside, everyone else, the city buildings, panels, and splash pages were really good, the best part of the book really. I don't know how interested I'm in picking up the next issue, we'll see, and I can hope I'm the not the only one not liking the new Superman, and DC wises up and begins to make Superman the Superhero we can look up to and believe in again.