Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DC: New 52 Thoughts (Part 4)

Nightwing #1
As a Batman fan this was a great read, seemingly the Flashpoint reboot may have changed details of the Bat-Family's past but the current status quo looks intact with Bruce Wayne returning to being Gotham's Dark Knight, and in this comic Dick Grayson returning to he's former identity as Nightwing. The writer Kyle Higgins also writes the new Deathstroke which isn't bad, but here if I didn't know better, I would of thought Higgins has wrote Nightwing for years, that's how good this issue is, not only does it feel like the writer knows him, but by the end you feel like you know Dick Grayson personally, and I have no complaints with Eddy Barrows artwork, Nightwing's fighting and movements are fluid and excellently drawn with a sense of motion. This is the first time Dick as Nightwing has been based in Gotahm instead of Bludhaven, which was destroyed in Infinite Crisis, along with a new costume with a red symbol instead of blue, no explanation given yet, but I think it might represent he's past as Robin.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #1-5
This ladies and gentlemen right here is my #1 favorite New 52 series, I'm a huge Jason Todd fan, and the deadly former Robin is at he's best here, he's not crazy, he's not out for revenge, just trying to be he's own kind of hero, taking what Batman thought him but using it in ways Bruce never would. As a long time Marvel collector I been reading Scott Lobdell's work for about 20 years, and even though this is he's first DC work, he does not let down, I love he's Jason and Roy (Arsenal) friendship/partnership dynamic, it's twisted buddy comedy that makes you laugh, and then there's the last couple pages of issue 3 that almost brought a tear to my eye, where I knew I wanted to follow this series as long as Lobdell is writing it. Don't let to the whole controversy over Starfire keep you from getting this great book, yes she is a bit different then her pre-Flashpoint self, but if you actually read the story there's more to her then what all the bad-press says about her, and she's only slept with one person so far, if you like Lobdell's work, or like Jason Todd then pick this up, you won't regret it.

 Superman #1 
I do not like the New 52 Superman, with the exception of Grant Morrison's Action Comics where he is younger, but the Superman I've seen in Justice League and here in this book does not depict any of what we loved or found captivating about the Man of Steel the last 70 years, I have not seen the always smiling, protecting and helping, thinking before fighting, level headed leader hero above all heroes. It's more then just him, it's the armored costume, the way they got he's hair now, and the new Clark Kent has messed up hair and an untucked shirt, WTH? Now about the actual book, I don't think I've read anything written by George Perez, I know he's work as an artist on Marvel and DC books, the story was alright, very talky but I did like how the other characters were portrayed, Lois Lane was definitely the best written, and I did enjoy alot of Jesus Merino's art, Supe's ugly new suit and hair style aside, everyone else, the city buildings, panels, and splash pages were really good, the best part of the book really. I don't know how interested I'm in picking up the next issue, we'll see, and I can hope I'm the not the only one not liking the new Superman, and DC wises up and begins to make Superman the Superhero we can look up to and believe in again. 

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