Saturday, March 31, 2012

DC: New 52 Thoughts (Part 3)

Detective Comics #1
I don't know how to described Detective Comics #1, I don't want say I hated it or I didn't like it, so I guess I'm gonna say I didn't enjoy it much. Tony S. Daniel has previously wrote Batman when Dick Grayson had taking over the mantle, this is he's first time ever writing Bruce Wayne as Batman, and I have to say it came off a little to strongly almost like a teenage boy's fan-fiction with Batman saying self-righteous stuff like "I own the night.", "I AM Gotham.", and yes even "I'm Batman.", Batman doesn't need that rhetoric, this is Detective Comics, and I did not see or read The World's Greatest Detective in it. I enjoyed Daniel's writing and art in Battle for The Cowl, but here it seemed mediocre to me, the one thing I did like the most in the book was the Joker's portrayal and will probably get a couple more issues to see where he's story goes after issue 1's unique ending. 

Flash #1-2
Now these were good, I have wanted to read Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's work on Flash for a while now, having heard nothing but great things about their work, now I have to say it is true. My only prior Flash reading was Flash: Rebirth, but I have to say I enjoyed these issues just as much, Manapul really knows how to write a guy who is constantly on the move in both body and mind, which Buccellato perfectly complements in he's extraordinary amazing artwork, usage of paneling, coloring, sound effects, and word placement you haven't seen anywhere else before, truly a visual pleasure. This is one of the New 52 titles where we don't exactly know where Barry is on the timeline in the new universe at the time of these issues, there's no mention of Justice League, but seems like he's been the Flash for a while, and the biggest question did Barry ever die in the Crisis of Infinite Earths if that Crisis still happened in this new continuity, so I'll be continuing to pick this up, and will be sure to track down Manapul and Buccellato's pre-Flashpoint run.

Justice League #1-6
ZOMG! Jim Lee's art is awesome, you end up just staring a page or spread long after reading all the word bubbles, trying to absorb every detail penned by that man with your eyes, if your a Jim Lee fan, even if you don't regularly buy DC, track down these six issues, they are a true visual feast. Now the story, the story was alright, Apokolips is invading at a time when the world doesn't trust being's with superpowers, said beings come together to battle invading force, defeat them and their master Darkseid, world calls them a team and heroes, sprinkled with the origin of Cyborg in between fights in the first few issues, not exactly what I would call an instant classic. Batman and Flash were the best portrayed, Aquaman had a couple cool moments, but Green Lantern was way too cocky, and Superman just liked to punch and throw things, same with Wonder Woman but with a sword, but I guess you can just chalk it all up to it being early in their careers on their way to becoming better heroes and developing characteristically, yeah.

Now I just want to say I don't think Cyborg should of been a founding member of the Justice League, I don't have anything against Cyborg, or him being on the Justice League at all, I've liked Cyborg ever since I watched the old 80's Galactic Guardians cartoon were he was a member of the Justice League. I mean they could of put any other superhero as the seventh or just had the six, remove Cyborg's origin, and have it that it was Green Lantern, and he's ring that reversed the Mother Boxes, problem solved. Why am I so against Cyborg being a founding member, not only because him being on the JL since he's cybernization means there hasn't been time for him to be on the Teen Titans and be friends Nightwing, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and them, but also because he's taking the place of of one of my favorite DC superheroes who has always been one of the founding member in all previous incarnations, Martian Manhunter, and I refuse to pick up the Stormwatch comic they put him in. 

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