Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marvel Universe Thanos

Thanos, The Mad Titan, lover of Death, and enemy not just too heroes like Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer but the entire Marvel Omniverse. I've always wanted a Thanos action figure, I never had the old 90's Fantastic Four figure and I have always wanted the Marvel Select Thanos but now I finally have the Masterlord himself in the 3 3/4 scale. Thanos is basically the Darkseid of the Marvel Universe an unkillable higher being of unimagined power but always seeking more, and obsessed with death.

Thanos uses the same big bulk body used by Juggernaut and Apocalypse with a new head, forearms, lower legs, and added on soft plastic pieces to complete he's costume. The detail on Thanos is out of this world, I mean he's gloves and boots are comic accurate, hell he has tread shapes on the bottom of he's boots, and he's head capture he's mug dead on, which has the perfect unpleased sneer. The blue parts of he's body have a black airbrushing to bring out the details of he's muscles and I love the color Hasbro came up with for he's gloves, boots, collar, and trimming, it's neither yellow, orange, or gold, but an ultimate combination of them all, it's amazing to look at in hand.

Thanos comes with the one thing he will always be associated with, he's crowning achievement he can never out-do, The Inifinity Gauntlet, and an additional regular glove hand to interchange. Beside the Infinity Gautlet, there's not many other accessories he could of came with, perhaps maybe a Cosmic Cube or he's Space Throne would be cool. I highly recommend Thanos to all Marvel Universe collectors, he is easily one of top favorites from them so far right up there with Cable, keep'em coming Hasbro.

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