Friday, March 2, 2012

Best of 2011

I know it 2 months in to 2012, but it only now hit me to sit down and make a quick list of my favorite things that came out of 2011.

Best Movie of 2011: X-Men: First Class 
If you read my review for the movie then you know I hold First Class as a damn near perfect example of a comic book team/friends/family brought to life realistically but still holds the core fundamentals and characteristics that you love and value.

Best TV Series: 
Stargate Universe & Terra Nova
SGU's first season was kinda rough, it was leaning towards being a Battlestar Galactica clone, and the emotional/indie/alternative song at the end of episode really annoyed me, but season 2 really found it's feet, we got better character development and the action was upped, it started to be it's own original show, then it got cancelled, damn you SyFy. I got say Terra Nova also was the best TV series, I mean come on: Time Travel, Dinosaurs, and Stephen Lang, it really turned out to be a great family drama in a sci-fi setting kinda like a modern Lost In Space, I really do hope Fox renews it for a second season.
Best Video Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
I know I haven't written a review for this game, but trust me I've tried, but I find it extremely difficult to summarize what I like about this game, which is everything. I LOVE this game, I haven't fallen for a game this hard since the first Mass Effect. If you haven't played this game yet, disregard anything bad you've heard and go buy or rent it right now, it is awesome, it has a little bit of everything for everybody from FPS, to stealth, to role playing with a deep engaging story, and spectacular graphics.

 Best Anime: 
Gundam Episode 3 &4  & Gundam AGE
Didn't watch much new anime in 2011, but as a huge Gundam fan you know I watched the new Gundam Unicorn OVAs and started watching Gundam AGE the latest TV series. Episodes 3 and 4 of Unicorn were freaking mind numbly beautiful and action packed as the previous two. Gundam AGE is unique in being a new ongoing series in being more aimed toward a younger audience with more colorful character designs, and not being as violent or psychologically damaging to characters but still conveys the same message about the atrocities of War, reasons to fight, and relationships made during as all the others. The Second Generation of the story is upping the action and testing the lines between friendship and enemy, it almost feels like a completely new Gundam show, nice going Bandai, keep it up.

Best Album: Rise Against-Endgame
I really like Rise Against and a lot of their songs, but I can say I don't like every single song off their previous five albums, but with Engame I love all twelve songs on it, I always listen to the album straight through. I mean I can't pick just one favorite song off the album, I think all twelve are equally perfect, and they are now my top 12 favorite songs from Rise Against. 

Best Action Figure: Marvel Universe Cable
Yep, my favorite cyborg mutant and the one figure the started me collecting the 3 3/4 inch scale Marvel Universe is my favorite action figures of 2011. Articulation, sculpt, accessories, paint, all make Cable THE Marvel Universe figure in which all others are compared to.

It's only two months in to 2012, and I know I already have two movies fighting for #1, and the best video game already picked. Now let's what else 2012 brings me...

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  1. And a GREAT audio book series based on the Stargate franchize is Stargate Temporal Core!