Thursday, February 21, 2013

DC Universe Classics Triple Flash Review

I've had three DC Universe Classics Flash figures to review for quite a while now, so instead of doing a review for each one I've decided to review them all at once.

The Reverse-Flash

I never read anything with Reverse-Flash in it until I read Flash: Rebirth which finally cemented him as more then just "Bad Guy Flash", that he is a truly evil bastard and true nemesis of Barry Allen. Thane's figure is mostly cast in yellow plastic with his stripes and symbol painted on, along with a nice over-spray of dark yellow to bring out detail and help not make him a bright yellow. Professor Zoom's boots are darker then I would like, I would of like them to match the red on his costume, but it's my only gripe. Eobard has a new menacing sour mugged head and a open left hand to hold his Lightning Rod accessory that is straight out of Rebirth which greatly pleases me. 

White Lantern Flash

Now I love repaints to create alternate costumes for characters as much as the next collector, but come on, Flash was only a White Lantern for one page, and besides White Lantern Hal Jordan I highly doubt Mattel is gonna make any other White Lanterns to recreate that splash page, but hey I got him for cheap and needed his build-a-figure piece. Barry is molded completely in a very light gray plastic with his stripes and symbol painted on, and his boots and head wings painted silver, while his unmasked facial features are painted on very nicely. A hilarious thing about this figure is the clip-on electrical energy effects are reused from Series 2 Electric Superman here cast in mostly clear with a hint of blue, but they didn't even bother to remold it or cut out the Superman "S" Symbol on the back. I want to call laziness on Mattel's part, though I do got to say the electrical effects do look pretty cool from the front, and how often do you see your figures back on your shelves?

Golden Age Flash
Jay Garrick The Golden Age Flash was a figure I was waiting to show up in a DC Classics Universe series for a long time, and was excited to learn he'd be the first DC Signature online exclusive release. Jay uses the leaner male buck which I think fits perfect for the older speedster rather then the standard muscled super-hero physique. The original Flash has new lower legs to give him new boot tops, but uses previous Flash figures treaded boot feet and I can't tell you how glad I am his belt is a separate soft plastic piece instead of just painted on.

Mr. Garrick's upper body is molded in red with his lower molded in blue, both are given a nice darkening and detail defining over-spray, with his lightning bolt symbol, neck, and flesh neckline painted on. The real standout piece on this figure is his awesomely sculpted smirking head, truly the best detailed mug ever to come from Mattel, perfectly and literally topped with a shiny vac-metal silver helmet, shame it's not removable though. I am highly pleased with this figure, and greatly joyed and thankful Mattel finally got around to making him to add my and other collectors Justice Society of America display.