Thursday, August 23, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Batman #3-12 & Batman and Robin #1-8

Batman #3-12
I don't know what more I can say about writer Scott Snyder's and artist Greg Capullo's run on Batman that I didn't already say in my review for the first two issues, other then to state that this book right here is the best series coming out of DC right now, and is my #1 absolute favorite New 52 title. This creative team along with the Court of Owls/Night of The Owls story is without a doubt gonna go down in history as one of Batman's must-read greats. The story has everything from a super secret organization that not even Batman himself knew about very nearly almost killing him to seeing Batman letting loose with some lethal ferocity against unkillable enemies, and not to mention some freaking awesome revelations and edge of your seat action in issues #10 and 11, if you missed the individual single issues then definitely pick up the hardcovers, you will not regret it.

Batman and Robin #1-8
In the ranking of all four Batman title released in the first wave of New 52's, Batman and Robin is a solid #2 under the self-titled book, brought to us by the writing and drawing team of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason of previous Green Lantern Corps fame. I've got to say Gleason is one the top three guys currently drawing Batman right now, up there with Greg Capullo and Jim Lee, kind of reminds you of the ol' Legends of The Dark Knight style back in the early 90's. I'm really loving DC's new decision about writers "not writing for the trade", basically telling them their stories don't need to perfectly fit in 6 issues which sometimes stretches or rushes a story's pace but are now allowed to be told in less or more issues, which with 8 issues for the opening story arc is paced perfectly, and didn't feel stretched or rushed at all. Tomasi gives us a personal and emotional tale of fathers, sons, murder and revenge for the dynamic duo with the sudden arrival of an old rival from Bruce's past comes to turn Damian away from his father's teachings, a great read that had me read all 8 issues back to back.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Aquaman #4-11 & Batgirl #1-10

Aquaman #4-11 
Geoff Johns is great writer, he doesn't destroy, erase, or ignore, he adds to a characters past, just like he did and is still doing on he's Green Lantern run. Along with getting to know a previous team of powerful individuals Arthur was with when he was younger we're also getting new bits on the origin of Black Mantra's hatred for Aquaman, and where he got his trident from. It also looks like we may not be done with the creatures from The Trench, which may be connected to the original sinking of Atlantis, can't wait for issue 12.

Batgirl #1-10
Barbra Gordan returning as Batgirl was controversial to say the least, yes we would let a little more explanation then "a clinic in South Africa" for her miraculous recovery, perhaps in the Zero issue coming next month, but I am really enjoying Gail Simone's excellent writing and Ardian Syaf wonderful art. If it was any other writer the return of Barbra to the cowl could of been a highly boycotted catastrophe, but DC knew what they were doing and gave it to a writer who knows Barbra Gordan extremely well, which I think helped softened the blow for a lot of nay-sayers. I mean we're just about a year in to the original Batgirl's return, and look's like Simone is just getting started, no only do we have the mystery of Barbra's mother's return to Gotham and Barbra's life but we're also seeing James Gordan Jr., her psychotic brother last seen in the final issues of Detective Comics before the reboot, is on the loose again as well, I'm hooked.

Friday, August 17, 2012

DC New 52 Review: Action Comics #8-12

Over the last four months since my last reviews I have tracked down and read even more of DC's New 52 titles. As of right I have collected and currently keeping up monthly with 25 of them. This is the first in a new series of reviews of what I read up to now, starting alphabetically from Action Comics to Worlds' Finest.

Action Comics #8-12
Issue 8 was a great conclusion to the Brainiac story arc, overall an excellent Superman story, with also gives us new origins for Steel, Metallo and Brainiac himself. After saving Metropolis and explaining that he is an alien but was raised on Earth the city now accepts him as their guardian. #9 was a filler story with the African-American Superman of Earth-23, last seen during the Final Crisis, a pretty good Supes Vs. Lex Luthor almost Silver Age-ish tale. Numbers 10 through 12 is the story of Superman giving up his identity of Clark Kent, now when not Superman he's Johnny Clark of the Metropolis Fire Department, where he can use his powers to save people without anyone noticing, not a bad story but I don't like how easily he just drops the name he's gone by most of his life and the career he worked to get.

If your any kind of Superman fan then you know it was his upbringing in Smallville by simple farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent that installed in him his kindness, compassion, and values, and everything Superman is beyond his powers is because of that upbringing as Clark Kent. New version of Superman or not I just don't think Clark would of or could of given up his name and journalist life just to have it pointed out to him by Batman that Clark did as much good for the world as Superman. Still Action Comics is the better Superman comic compared to his self-titled run, I love the new take on Captain Comet, and thought Superman's Super-medical education & Super-surgery was one of the coolest fricking things I ever seen him do, can't wait to see where this 5th Dimension stuff goes too.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Initiative War Machine Review

My second comic based War Machine 6in. action figure, and the third made so far, the first original Marvel Legend was his classics 90's Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, and the second being a repaint variant of Modular Armor Iron Man from a Marvel Legends 2-pack that's a homage to his Marvel Vs. Capcom game appearances. This armor here Rhodey wore after the Super Hero Civil War during his time as an instructor of young heroes for The Initiative. Other then his legs and his upper arms reused from Inferno Armor Iron Man he is made of mostly completely new molded parts such as his entire torso, forearms, shoulder pads, and head.

Thanks to two swivel arms built in to his torso his shoulder mounted weapons can aim forward or be tilted back for non-combat situations or in-flight deployment, which are each connected to his forearm attached weapons via removable soft plastic cables. Every Iron Man figure comes with some kind of launcher that shoots a plastic missile, War Machine was given the decency to have his incorporated in to his design as his left shoulder cannon instead as useless separate pack in. I freaking love the paint on his non-white armor pieces, it's this awesome gunmetal black with very light silver metallic sprinkling on it which with his leg fins, torso armor desing, and unique shaped shoulder pads come together to give a sleek stealth aircraft design to him which is perfect for a guy called War Machine.

Another cool paint app is the green lights on the weapons, with the over-spray looking like the light is illuminating the metal around it. Not 100% comic book accurate but Hasbro really went out of their way to give us a outstanding action figure while doing their best to recreate the specific armor, an accomplishment I applaud. I really hope other Iron Man fans and Marvel Legends collector found this guy to add to their collection, and he doesn't become as rare as the ML 2-pack variant Modular Armor War Machine that's still on my checklist to find one day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Trailer

Yay! More Mass Effect to play. Thank you Bioware, thank you so much. I still haven't fully forgiven you for the crappy ending extended or not, but this is a start, and hopefully not the last DLC mission. Wonder if this mission adds anything to the ending? Can not wait.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marvel Universe Future Foundation 3-Pack Review

After the apparent death of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch Johnny Storm, Reed Richards decided to gather a group of highly intelligent individuals whose goal it was to build a better future for all of humanity called the Future Foundation. This Marvel Universe three pack is a variant set of the regular Fantastic Four release, here repainted to resemble their current costumes. The major attractor to either version of the set is it is currently the only offering of the Marvel Universe scale Invisible Woman, a new head sculpt on the current most used female body mold.

Mr. Fantastic also gets a brand new head sculpt, but instead of his previous original short body he's got a repaint of the Black Suit Spider-Man body, which I think is perfect for him, I even found a great pose to put him in. The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing is merely a repaint of his single carded release albeit with a closed left fist from his Secret Wars 2-pack version, not completely comic book accurate as he should have a tank-top on, something I would of loved to see Hasbro to do as a soft plastic piece. Then there is the H.E.R.B.I.E. accessory, to me a addition I could of lived without, don't get me wrong he's greatly sculpted and very nicely painted but I just don't care for him, he's too big in my opinion to fit in the Marvel Universe figures so I put him in with my Marvel Legends Fantastic Four display.

Another cool thing to come out of the three-pack set is the awesome Kirby Krackle cardboard background you can see I used for these photos, I am always looking for great backgrounds to take my figure photos in front of and cardboard trays form boxsets are always great go-to's. I can't wait to get Future Foundation Spider-Man, who should be out soon to complete the main team of four. If your a fan of the Future Foundation good luck finding this set, since it is the variant set it is a bit harder to find then the regular version, that's why I bought it without hesitation when I say it.