Friday, August 17, 2012

DC New 52 Review: Action Comics #8-12

Over the last four months since my last reviews I have tracked down and read even more of DC's New 52 titles. As of right I have collected and currently keeping up monthly with 25 of them. This is the first in a new series of reviews of what I read up to now, starting alphabetically from Action Comics to Worlds' Finest.

Action Comics #8-12
Issue 8 was a great conclusion to the Brainiac story arc, overall an excellent Superman story, with also gives us new origins for Steel, Metallo and Brainiac himself. After saving Metropolis and explaining that he is an alien but was raised on Earth the city now accepts him as their guardian. #9 was a filler story with the African-American Superman of Earth-23, last seen during the Final Crisis, a pretty good Supes Vs. Lex Luthor almost Silver Age-ish tale. Numbers 10 through 12 is the story of Superman giving up his identity of Clark Kent, now when not Superman he's Johnny Clark of the Metropolis Fire Department, where he can use his powers to save people without anyone noticing, not a bad story but I don't like how easily he just drops the name he's gone by most of his life and the career he worked to get.

If your any kind of Superman fan then you know it was his upbringing in Smallville by simple farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent that installed in him his kindness, compassion, and values, and everything Superman is beyond his powers is because of that upbringing as Clark Kent. New version of Superman or not I just don't think Clark would of or could of given up his name and journalist life just to have it pointed out to him by Batman that Clark did as much good for the world as Superman. Still Action Comics is the better Superman comic compared to his self-titled run, I love the new take on Captain Comet, and thought Superman's Super-medical education & Super-surgery was one of the coolest fricking things I ever seen him do, can't wait to see where this 5th Dimension stuff goes too.

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