Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marvel Universe Future Foundation 3-Pack Review

After the apparent death of the Fantastic Four's Human Torch Johnny Storm, Reed Richards decided to gather a group of highly intelligent individuals whose goal it was to build a better future for all of humanity called the Future Foundation. This Marvel Universe three pack is a variant set of the regular Fantastic Four release, here repainted to resemble their current costumes. The major attractor to either version of the set is it is currently the only offering of the Marvel Universe scale Invisible Woman, a new head sculpt on the current most used female body mold.

Mr. Fantastic also gets a brand new head sculpt, but instead of his previous original short body he's got a repaint of the Black Suit Spider-Man body, which I think is perfect for him, I even found a great pose to put him in. The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing is merely a repaint of his single carded release albeit with a closed left fist from his Secret Wars 2-pack version, not completely comic book accurate as he should have a tank-top on, something I would of loved to see Hasbro to do as a soft plastic piece. Then there is the H.E.R.B.I.E. accessory, to me a addition I could of lived without, don't get me wrong he's greatly sculpted and very nicely painted but I just don't care for him, he's too big in my opinion to fit in the Marvel Universe figures so I put him in with my Marvel Legends Fantastic Four display.

Another cool thing to come out of the three-pack set is the awesome Kirby Krackle cardboard background you can see I used for these photos, I am always looking for great backgrounds to take my figure photos in front of and cardboard trays form boxsets are always great go-to's. I can't wait to get Future Foundation Spider-Man, who should be out soon to complete the main team of four. If your a fan of the Future Foundation good luck finding this set, since it is the variant set it is a bit harder to find then the regular version, that's why I bought it without hesitation when I say it.

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