Sunday, July 29, 2012

SDCC'12 Standouts Pt.2: More Marvel, DC, and MotU

All right sorry for the delay, here's is the other part of my personal favorite unveils of SDCC'12.

Marvel Universe:
90's Rogue! Yes! Can not wait to get this 3-pack, Longshot is a plus, don't mind the Wolverine at least it a mold I don't already have. Wonder if Cyclops is the first in more X-Babies to come.

Marvel Select:
VENOM! Coming out in January next year we are getting the original Eddie Brock Venom, an according to a press release with photo he'll be coming packed with multiple interchangeable heads and hands to display him with. Definitely a must own for me.

DC Universe Signature Collection:
Finally being made available as a Matty Collector Club Infinite Earths monthly exclusive available in May 2013 next year, the long fan demand Wally West Flash. Now we just need 90's original costume Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and long haired harpoon hand Aquaman and we can complete the Morrison-era JLA.

Wow! Something I thought would be cool, but never thought would happen has happened, DC Universe Classics scale and style Watchmen. My only dislike is only one figure is released every other month in 2013 thru Matty Collector, so it'll take toward the end of the year to get all six main characters, talk about dragging it out.  

Masters of The Universe:
Some cool figures revealed, but the only real surprise for me was seeing Keldor's/Skeletor's split-blade sword from the 2000 MotU series made in the "Classics" style coming out in a Weapons Pak in October. Also in the set will be Man-At-Arms' 2000 series blaster to give him an additional weapon to his arsenal.

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