Monday, July 16, 2012

SDCC'12 Standouts Pt.1: Marvel Legends

The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone over the weekend and since Thursday night to this afternoon I have been scrolling through pictures of the new unveiled action figures.
Marvel Legends Series 3: Epic Heroes
First time seeing Mystique and Moonstar in plastic, and a five o'clock looks to have been added to the Punisher. Deadpool and Dr. Doom both revealed to have variants/running changes, proud to see Hasbro giving us Deadpool in his classic colors since the two-pack he was in is rare and expensive. The last series of the year will not have a build-a-figure.

Marvel Legends Series 4: Hit Monkey Series (2013)
 This series looks awesome, not too excited for Protector and also highly disappointed that Iron Fist still has Spider-Man's web-shooting hand, what the hell Hasbro? Didn't expect to see Ultimate Captain America getting a new figure, his original figure was and still is a superb example of Marvel Legends greatness, while a comic accurate Sentry has been long awaited, but Hyperion is the absolute must have for me and a personal check off my want list. Extremely glad to see Archangel in both his 90's and X-Force colors and X-Force Wolverine in this series, meaning if you miss out on the Con exclusive X-Force three-pack your only short Psylocke, perhaps she'll get a single card release later too. Can't say I am in any way happy what so ever for the new micro build-a-figures initiative for the 2013, or the choice of Hit Monkey, never saw his appeal, think he's stupid as hell personally.

Marvel Legends Series 5 (2013) Sneak Peek
Behold the final member of the 90's Jim Lee X-Men Blue & Gold Teams finally made. Jean Grey has long, long, been on my and every other X-Men loving Marvel Legend collectors wishlist, soon the team shall complete. Wrecker looks good, a lot of collectors have been waiting for him and the complete Wrecking Crew for a long time as well.

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