Monday, February 24, 2014

R.I.P. Harold Ramis

 Harold Allen Ramis (Nov. 21st 1944 - Feb. 24th 2014)

Wow, comedy actor, writer, and director legend Harold Ramis passed away today from complications due to Autoimmune Inflammatory Vasculitis at the age of 69, he died surrounded by his family. This hits me harder then any other celebrity death, because to this day Ghostbusters is one of my most loved and absolute favorite movies of all time, and Egon Spengler portrayed by Mr. Ramis is my favorite of the ghostbusting quartet. My thoughts and condolences go out to Ramis' family and friends, he will never be forgotten cause his work will forever continue to be loved for generations and generations to come. Goodbye Harold, see you on the other side Dr. Spengler. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer

I wouldn't call myself a Guardians of The Galaxy fan, I'll probably only ever read a couple issues of the early 90's comic, and never picked up any of the modern team's series which the film looks to be drawing from, but since the movie was first announced I have been intrigued in how it would turn out, and fit in the Cinematic Universe that Marvel Studios is creating. This is going to be the first Marvel movie I'll be going in to not knowing exactly what to expect from not only from the film standpoint, but also from each character, aside from a couple appearances in modern Marvel cartoons I've seen, or for that matter have much reference at all to compare how well the cosmic portion of Marvel is being adapted to the big screen. I am glad to see Nova Corps in the film even if simplified in to space policemen, a connection I hope that could led in to a live-action Nova movie or have him join the team in the sequel, which I hope they go with Richard Rider instead of the new kid Sam Alexander.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Real Grade Gundam Mark II Review

My very first Real Grade model kit, hell of an experience to build, starting with internal skeletal frame, and then from there adding on mechanisms such as pistons, tubing, and my favorite internal piece the cockpit sphere, essentially creating the Gundam from the inside out. Real Grade is adequately named, with all the smaller armor pieces coming together to make the outer skin it definitely gives this class of model kit a more realistically detailed military war machine look to them. The articulation on the complete model is amazing, he has double jointed knees and elbows, and with full range of motion for his shoulders and hip joints he can pull almost any pose imaginable, including holding his beam rifle with both hands, and being able to reach back for a beam saber.

The RX-178 Gundam Mark II comes with all of his weapons he has used the Zeta Gundam anime ranging from his trusty beam rifle, to his expanding shield, hyper bazooka, removable head vulcan gunpod, and two beam sabers, which the beam blades that come with him are way too long for a 1/144th scale mobile suit but are instead for the Master Grade 1/100th scale model kits, a weird choice for Bandai to include. Aside from the pair of hands with the articulated thumb and trigger finger, he also comes with 4 extra hands, a pair of closed fist for holding Beam Sabers, an open hand with fingers spread, and a closed hand shaped to hold the beam rifle. Other accessories include 3 additional energy cartridges for the beam rifle, which two can be stored on the back of the shield, a spare bazooka clip that can be attached to his hip armor, and a small unpainted pilot figurine of Kamille Bidan.

The coolest thing I love about this model is you can attach and store all of his weapons on him, like the beam rifle can either be in his hand, or pegged in to his hip armor, while the rear armor skirt has a fold out clasp to grip the hyper bazooka , and then with his head vulcan gunpod mounted he is fully armed and battle ready. Since Bandai made the Skygrasper with Launcher and Sword Packs for the Real Grade Strike Gundam, I’m hoping they’ll make the G-Defenser to combine with the Gundam Mk.II to upgrade him to Super Gundam. I’m looking forward to building more Real Grade model kits, a longer and more tedious build but turns out a stunning example of model kit engineering.