Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marvel Legends Gambit

7 year, I waited 7 years to have this figure and now I finally have Marvel Legends Series 4 Gambit. I love Marvel Legends, I currently have 143 not counting build-a-figures, X-Men, Spider-Man, & Fantastic Four Classics, movie figures, and Marvel Selects, then it's over 200 6 inch scale Marvel figures. My favorite and most memorial time of the X-Men was the early 90's Blue and Gold Teams, which I hope to one day to complete, just need to get 90's Beast, Rogue, and Colossus, but Toybiz or Hasbro hasn't made a 90's Jean Grey, that's why she'll be on the top of my ML wish list until she is made.

My 90's Team so far

Gambit has 38 points of articulation, a removable real cloth trench coat, a soft plastic staff, a "stream" of charged playing cards, and a highly detailed base of a damaged Sentinel arm. I love he's and all the other bases that came with the early Marvel Legends figures, you just don't see greatly sculpted and painfully detailed piece like those packed with action figures these days. Now a days it's all about build-a-figure pieces, which I don't mind, I love the build a figure concept, but if a figure doesn't come with a BAF part they should come with a awesome display base, something Hasbro should look into doing for the relaunch Marvel Legends in the future.

Toybiz really made a huge impact in the world of action figures with their Marvel Legends, something Hasbro's attempts never really matched. I don't want to say they half-assed their MLs, but I don't think they put enough, for lack of a better professional word, love in to their designs and execution and only saw to make money off the brand name and collector's hope to keep the line alive by buying their watered down attempts in hopes to one day they'll get better work, which only their last few 2 packs were more exceptional. Hasbro looks like they have learned from their mistakes and are listening to the fans, I can only hope their new line is much better when in hand and continues as a good seller.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marvel Universe Deadpool & Taskmaster

For my next and hopefully last entry in Marvel Universe figures I acquired the Deadpool & Taskmaster Greatest Battles 2-pack.

At first I was a little disappointed in Deadpool's height compared to Cable, cause to me it looked he was a teenage sidekick, but I got use to it and enjoy Cable towering over Deadpool and other MUs. I love the small brown harness they gave Deadpool, it suits him so much better then the huge gray piece of the X-Men Origins version and gives a nice contrast to the red and black. This release of the Merc-With-A-Mouth only comes with two katana swords, a small knife, and a pistol which can all be stored on DP himself via he's harness, belt, and leg holster.

Doorknobs don't kill people, I kill people

Taskmaster comes in he's classic super-villain costume and is equipped with tons of weapons that include a shield, sword, bow, and a pistol. Tasky's quiver of arrows, and cape are removable if you pop off he's head, but that takes away from looks, so their best left in place. Taskmaster uses the older MU body of Captain America, so he's legs are a little tricky to pose to stand and the added weight of he's cape doesn't help sad to say, and also he's sword is pretty small, more like a oversized dagger then the broadsword it's spouse to be.

Just like Cap!

I am please with this release of Deadpool for now, but I hope in the future Hasbro makes a DP with a slightly bigger buck with the added articulation of swivel biceps, double jointed elbows, calf swivel, and rocker ankles, same goes for Taskmaster perhaps in he's UDON mercenary costume. I do  feel Wade needed a extra weapon in the form of a SMG like a MP-5 maybe and I think I'm gonna add some dots to TM's eye to make him more comic accurate.This two pack comes with a reprint of Cable & Deadpool #36 where Deadpool frees Taskmaster from government capture to fight against him to show off he's mercenary skills, which was a highly enjoyable and funny read as is and Deadpool read.

Now pics of the team up I got the two-pack for to complete.

Deadpool: Why are we walking in to the sunset Cable? Cable: Shut up Wade!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pic of The Day 08/22

First I want to give credit and thanks to Ewan of the action figure review blog Chase Variant for taking this awesome pic at Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention 2011. It's just epic, I just love how Joker is just casually sitting there surrounded by guns and money after the Tumbler crashes through the wall.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Wow, I don't know what to think of this. It's doesn't look too terrible. I not even gonna say I have to think about it, cause as a Marvel movie devotee I will be there and will buy the Blu-Ray later, no matter how bad it is. I mean I sat through Green Lantern wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt and plastic Power Ring, and I'm still going to buy the Blu-Ray along with every other fan that it also disappointed. Be glad most you can say no I wait to rent it, for me that's not an option.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mind Blowing, Drool Making Game Trailers

... or trailers that make start punching money into my computer screen hoping it would make the games magically appear.

YES! The return of hand tossed grenades, thank you, thank you Bioware. This game cannot arrive fast enough for me.

Hearing Dr. Strange's arcane sayings just sold me on him being in the game, and holy shit does Nemesis deal out some brutal tentacle and rocket inflicted pain.

OK, so the Tekken characters in the Street Fighter graphics are starting to grow on me, but I was still rooting for Kazuya to kick Ryu's ass.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Marvel Universe Cable & Apocalypse

First off, if I haven't said before I am not a huge supporter of the Marvel Universe line cause I prefer 6 inch figures over 3 3/4 inch figures, and that Marvel Universe was created to replace my much loved and heavy collected Marvel Legends. Then to rub salt in the wound Hasbro started releasing characters and costumes Marvel Legends fans have been wanting for years but in the 3 3/4 scale, ow. A last though I had to break down and buy a couple, if you haven't noticed by now I'm a huge Cable fan,  so I had to pick up Cable and he's eternal nemesis Apocalypse.
Cable is shown here in the costume he begun wearing after the Messiah Complex storyline when he started protecting Baby Hope while jumping through time, which sports the X-Men colors of blue and yellow along with he's usual shoulder pads and pouches he's famous for. Cable comes with three beautifully detailed weapons of a pistol, a rifle, and he's Psimitar spear which I really grateful for. Cable is mostly the standard male buck, but with the addition of he's unique Techno-Organic arm, chest straps, belt, holster, and boot extensions definitely recreates Cable right out the pages of the comic.

En Sabah Nur makes he's Marvel Universe debut in he's costume seen in the Messiah War crossover storyline, there by perfectly fitting in with Cable as in the story. Only Apocalypse's main body and upper arms and legs are the "Big Guy" buck, but with just for him sculpted forearms, hands, and legs makes 50% of him brand new and completely unique while the additional should pads and belt complete he's attire. The Eternal One doesn't come with any accessories other then he's stand plaque, I would of loved some interchangeable weapon hands but I'll live, maybe the next Apocalypse. I do want to note the wires going from he's shoulder pads to he's gauntlets and the pads themselves impede he's arm articulation, so he's arm don't get much motion at all, but hey in visuals against playability I leans towards authentic recreation every time.

All and all, I really like these two guys, they're greatly detailed and full of articulation, but I have no intention to start full-on collecting more Marvel Universe figures, though I am thinking of picking up the Deadpool Vs. Taskmaster 2-pack to give Cable he's best/worst buddy good ol' Wade Wilson. Now enjoy some cool pics I enjoyed posing these guys in.


Friday, August 12, 2011

MG Gundam Ez8 Progress

Finally sat down today started putting together more of Master Grade Gundam Ez8. These two awesome legs took over 3 hours to compose, I don't even want to count how many pieces I cut out, sanded, detailed, and put together. A lot of small moving parts in he's legs were a new challenge unique to Ez8 which I will showcase when he's completed.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Comic Quotes

Want to share some amazing quotes from some of my favorite comics. Quotes that have stayed with me over the years or just have hit me as damn good characterization. Quotes that to this day I use even in every day conversation or if anything anywhere near reminds of them.

"Mercy is not dispensed here fools... only death!" (Straxus, Transformers #17) For a Deception Governor that only appear in two issues he was badass, but with sayings and actions like this made him greatly remembered 27 years later, and totally worthy of he's finally made action figure.

"Coming to see you I am. Now." (Yoda, Star Wars Infinities #4) This story came out months before Yoda's Lightsaber duel with Count Dooku in Episode II, so before that this was Yoda's most badass moment.

Time travel. Tricky business. (Robocop Vs. Terminator #4) I love Robocop, I love Terminator, so I fricking bow at the alter of Frank Miller's Robocop Vs. Terminator. The quote is said multiple times through the series be that the last time is the one that is best defined by it. A quote you can hear me say very often and anytime I watch anything with Time Travel in it.

 Guess that's thirty-one pieces of silver you've got now, huh? (Daredevil to Iron Man, Civil War #5) A powerful, and perfect way to convey exactly how those against the Superhero Registration Act think of Tony Stark. Epic, is what it was when I first read it.

I never called anyone a friend except Abin Sur, ... and then you. (Sinestro, Green Lantern #26) I don't know about other Green Lantern fans, but that hit me with all the emotional impact as if he was saying it directly to me. You actually start to almost understand Sinestro, and he's views and the way that he currently is.

You took the oath to seriously! You abandoned it!(Sinestro and Hal Jordan, Green Lantern: Rebirth #5) Yes, another quote from Green Lantern. In that one exchange it totally sums up everything you need to know of why they guys are fighting each other, and what they think of each other.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Man of Steel Revealed!

I LIKE IT! Wow, this is quite an awesome tease for a movie that's only in the early stages of pre-production and isn't gonna be released for two years, thank you Warner Bros. I am so freaking happy they when with the classics Superman costume, instead of the upcoming DCnu's Jim Lee design  or the double blue toned Earth-One design. June 2013 can not get here fast enough to finally see the Superman film all Superman fans have been waiting for.