Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marvel Legends Gambit

7 year, I waited 7 years to have this figure and now I finally have Marvel Legends Series 4 Gambit. I love Marvel Legends, I currently have 143 not counting build-a-figures, X-Men, Spider-Man, & Fantastic Four Classics, movie figures, and Marvel Selects, then it's over 200 6 inch scale Marvel figures. My favorite and most memorial time of the X-Men was the early 90's Blue and Gold Teams, which I hope to one day to complete, just need to get 90's Beast, Rogue, and Colossus, but Toybiz or Hasbro hasn't made a 90's Jean Grey, that's why she'll be on the top of my ML wish list until she is made.

My 90's Team so far

Gambit has 38 points of articulation, a removable real cloth trench coat, a soft plastic staff, a "stream" of charged playing cards, and a highly detailed base of a damaged Sentinel arm. I love he's and all the other bases that came with the early Marvel Legends figures, you just don't see greatly sculpted and painfully detailed piece like those packed with action figures these days. Now a days it's all about build-a-figure pieces, which I don't mind, I love the build a figure concept, but if a figure doesn't come with a BAF part they should come with a awesome display base, something Hasbro should look into doing for the relaunch Marvel Legends in the future.

Toybiz really made a huge impact in the world of action figures with their Marvel Legends, something Hasbro's attempts never really matched. I don't want to say they half-assed their MLs, but I don't think they put enough, for lack of a better professional word, love in to their designs and execution and only saw to make money off the brand name and collector's hope to keep the line alive by buying their watered down attempts in hopes to one day they'll get better work, which only their last few 2 packs were more exceptional. Hasbro looks like they have learned from their mistakes and are listening to the fans, I can only hope their new line is much better when in hand and continues as a good seller.


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