Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marvel Universe Deadpool & Taskmaster

For my next and hopefully last entry in Marvel Universe figures I acquired the Deadpool & Taskmaster Greatest Battles 2-pack.

At first I was a little disappointed in Deadpool's height compared to Cable, cause to me it looked he was a teenage sidekick, but I got use to it and enjoy Cable towering over Deadpool and other MUs. I love the small brown harness they gave Deadpool, it suits him so much better then the huge gray piece of the X-Men Origins version and gives a nice contrast to the red and black. This release of the Merc-With-A-Mouth only comes with two katana swords, a small knife, and a pistol which can all be stored on DP himself via he's harness, belt, and leg holster.

Doorknobs don't kill people, I kill people

Taskmaster comes in he's classic super-villain costume and is equipped with tons of weapons that include a shield, sword, bow, and a pistol. Tasky's quiver of arrows, and cape are removable if you pop off he's head, but that takes away from looks, so their best left in place. Taskmaster uses the older MU body of Captain America, so he's legs are a little tricky to pose to stand and the added weight of he's cape doesn't help sad to say, and also he's sword is pretty small, more like a oversized dagger then the broadsword it's spouse to be.

Just like Cap!

I am please with this release of Deadpool for now, but I hope in the future Hasbro makes a DP with a slightly bigger buck with the added articulation of swivel biceps, double jointed elbows, calf swivel, and rocker ankles, same goes for Taskmaster perhaps in he's UDON mercenary costume. I do  feel Wade needed a extra weapon in the form of a SMG like a MP-5 maybe and I think I'm gonna add some dots to TM's eye to make him more comic accurate.This two pack comes with a reprint of Cable & Deadpool #36 where Deadpool frees Taskmaster from government capture to fight against him to show off he's mercenary skills, which was a highly enjoyable and funny read as is and Deadpool read.

Now pics of the team up I got the two-pack for to complete.

Deadpool: Why are we walking in to the sunset Cable? Cable: Shut up Wade!

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