Monday, August 15, 2011

Marvel Universe Cable & Apocalypse

First off, if I haven't said before I am not a huge supporter of the Marvel Universe line cause I prefer 6 inch figures over 3 3/4 inch figures, and that Marvel Universe was created to replace my much loved and heavy collected Marvel Legends. Then to rub salt in the wound Hasbro started releasing characters and costumes Marvel Legends fans have been wanting for years but in the 3 3/4 scale, ow. A last though I had to break down and buy a couple, if you haven't noticed by now I'm a huge Cable fan,  so I had to pick up Cable and he's eternal nemesis Apocalypse.
Cable is shown here in the costume he begun wearing after the Messiah Complex storyline when he started protecting Baby Hope while jumping through time, which sports the X-Men colors of blue and yellow along with he's usual shoulder pads and pouches he's famous for. Cable comes with three beautifully detailed weapons of a pistol, a rifle, and he's Psimitar spear which I really grateful for. Cable is mostly the standard male buck, but with the addition of he's unique Techno-Organic arm, chest straps, belt, holster, and boot extensions definitely recreates Cable right out the pages of the comic.

En Sabah Nur makes he's Marvel Universe debut in he's costume seen in the Messiah War crossover storyline, there by perfectly fitting in with Cable as in the story. Only Apocalypse's main body and upper arms and legs are the "Big Guy" buck, but with just for him sculpted forearms, hands, and legs makes 50% of him brand new and completely unique while the additional should pads and belt complete he's attire. The Eternal One doesn't come with any accessories other then he's stand plaque, I would of loved some interchangeable weapon hands but I'll live, maybe the next Apocalypse. I do want to note the wires going from he's shoulder pads to he's gauntlets and the pads themselves impede he's arm articulation, so he's arm don't get much motion at all, but hey in visuals against playability I leans towards authentic recreation every time.

All and all, I really like these two guys, they're greatly detailed and full of articulation, but I have no intention to start full-on collecting more Marvel Universe figures, though I am thinking of picking up the Deadpool Vs. Taskmaster 2-pack to give Cable he's best/worst buddy good ol' Wade Wilson. Now enjoy some cool pics I enjoyed posing these guys in.


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