Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool Firefly Thought

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So I had this cool random thought about Firefly the other day, beware if you haven't seen it or the movie Serenity I am about to talk about a major spoiler. If your a fan like me you were greatly surprised when Wash, awesomely played by Alan Tudyk, dies towards the end of Serenity. Like all Firefly fans I want Firefly to be revived again either as a tv series again or more movies, but I would like it to continue with Alan Tudyk, sure they could just make the new stories after the TV series but before the movie but I think I like my idea a better.

Have it that before he died Wash created a A.I. auto-pilot with he's memories and personality for the ship and it's now activated and can talk to the crew and be seen on monitors through out the ship. I think it would bring a great new dynamic interacting with Wash's widow Zoe, and Tudyk would just revel in the new kind of extension of he's character. If you come across this Josh Whedon please thinking about applying this, and thnak you for Firefly and Serenity.

Hope to see you again in some way shape or form Wash

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