Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some More Marvel Universe Figures

So I have bought more Marvel Universe figures, yes more figures in a scale I don't fully endorse. Why?, well I have come to the conclusion that I love buying, playing with and collecting action figures, and besides the current Transformers Generations and DC Universe Classics I don't actively search for any other toy series, so I decided it was time to look at Marvel Universe since I highly enjoy their renditions of Cable and Apocalypse and as a life long Marvel fan I can't completely ignore the line's existence. Now In my defense I had full right to hate the Marvel Universe line at first because 1.) To me it was a new smaller, less detailed and articulated line that was replacing my beloved and long collected Marvel Legends, and 2.) Come on, you have to agree some of the first figures were fugly, and looked like Hasbro wasn't putting their full effort in to recreating character likeness and going for something cartoony.

I will never own any of these.

Now these guys I can't wait to get
With that out of the way on to the pics and review, first off Iron Man in the current "Bleeding Edge" armor he's currently wearing in the comics is the figure that actually made me start thinking about starting to get more Marvel Universe, he's that greatly detailed, the metallic candy red and shiny gold really visually grab your attention.
The Mighty God of Thunder Thor, was on my short list of possible MU wants not only because I'm a huge fan of he's modern costume, but also because I want to assemble the core trinity of The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor all in their modern costumes. The Odinson has some wonderful detail, my two favorites are the sculpted squares on he's arms and leg, and that he's cape is actually hanging from the buttons on he's chest.

The Heroic Age Avengers
Now I got The Wrecker because I have interest in perhaps getting all the Marvel Universe Secret Wars Two-Packs which would give me the other three members of The Wrecking Crew, and what's the Wrecking Crew without their leader. Wrecker looks like he walked right out of the comic, he is perfectly represented in he's classic costume, and the snarl on he's face captures the super villain's malice spot on. Wrecker of course comes with he's enchanted crowbar which I think is nearly perfect, it's only missing another pry edge on the bottom, a crowbar, toy accessory or not  it just doesn't look right with a flat squared bottom.

Now you may notice in pics two other figures I haven't posted about before, they are Heroic Age "Bucky" Captain America and U.S. Agent from the Captain America movie line I got a couple of weeks ago cause I really like Bucky-Cap's metallic paint and to start on the path of beginning the Avengers Trinity. U.S. Agent I've always been a fan for being a more brutal Captain America, my only real complaint on him is he could of use better designed arms with proper elbow and wrist articulation, and I really wish he came with he's round black and red shield instead of the eagle shaped one. So that brings me to a total of nine figures in the 3 3/4in. scale, good toy-god what have I gotten myself in to, once you start down the dark path...

A piece of advice: Don't become a toy collector, it's an extremely demanding, unforgiven, and expensive hobby.

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  1. Fortunately some of us can resist such nuissance's as the wrecking crew lol