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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.........
When I heard they were making a Dynasty Warriors game with Gundams and it was gonna be released in America I felt like things in the universe must of perfectly aligned to bestow such an awesome game to me and other Gundam Fans. Koei made an awesome game, a perfect fusion of the Dynasty Warriors gameplay with 50 foot robots finally making a Gundam game that actually made you feel like your were actually piloting a mobile suit but with a PS3 or 360 controller. Each mobile suit and their pilots fought just like you've known them to and wanted to, and has become one of the most addicting games to play to unlock absolutely everything.

Oh yeah, they start to explode as I step on to the field
So how does the third entry in DW:G match up against the previous two much loved games, well it has it's pluses and it's minuses. What did I like? I loved the new cel-shaded graphics, a great aesthetic that is perfect for an anime mech combat game, and the new addition of partner strikes and field-types really up the tactical thinking during a mission. I am personally psyched to finally play as the new suits of Deathsycthe Hell, Heavyarms, Tallgesse II, 00, XX, Unicorn, GP01, and GP02, all given their own unique fighting style and anime perfect attacks.

I'll get that Unicorn next time he comes around
Along with the new attractions there also comes some new "bumps" in the design, like my number one complaint the lack of a Lock-On button which was in the previous games, you don't know how infuriating it is to do your special attack towards an enemy Ace just for it to hit the wall beside him instead. Then there's these new fields that are mostly empty unless they have a building or parked ship in the center, and the actual terrain can be difficult to navigate at times and a lot of time you'll get caught on a rock or edge of a wall while trying to get to the next field, even if you flying in a flight mode high above the ground above said rock or wall. 2nd most annoying concerning fields is the removal of actual in space missions instead were restricted to being inside colonies, or on giant asteroids, I see no rational reason for this change, those were always my favorite missions to do, I mean come on where do most Gundam battles take place? IN SPACE! 

Dually Time!
Now DW:G3 makes it simpler but not exactly easier this time around to make friends with the fellow pilots, at which all can become Operators to hear during missions, which to me is mostly worthless because most of them just say the same stuff they spout when their pilots like they're in the battle with you. Speaking of Operators, you can become friends with Rain, Relena, and Dianna but they never appear in missions or become operators, three people that would actually make sense to hear during missions WTH? A thing that was unsettling when first playing the game was some character had new voice actors different from the anime and the previous games namely Master Asia, Kamille, and Full Frontal, I've have grown accustom to Master Asia, and Kamille, but the game's Full Frontal is terrible, nowhere near the devilish calm of the OVA, he acts like a totally different character.

Death by Freedom Gundam is the right of all cannon fodder
Downloadable missions and mobile suit are available which I love, but each mission is a dollar and each suit being $6 bucks which I hate, cause I bought all of the suits, that's an additional $30 buck to the game which I already paid $60 for. What I don't understand is you can play as the downloaded mobile suits and pilots, but they don't appear as enemies, which would of been cool. Also the third game in and we get three more Gundam Wing mobile suits but still no Leos to kill, we get the GINNs for the three SEED suits to fight, but no Leos for the five Wing mobile suits, arg.

Heavyarms says: Missiles to the face!
In closing, this game could of been the best Dynasty Warriors: Gundam to date, but it's list of detractors leave DW:G2 as the king, even with it's hard friend making system. I can only hope for a fourth entry and they listen to these reviews from the fans and put some things back, and perhaps putting more Gundam and badass mobile suits like Gundam Altron and Gundam Sandrock from Wing, Gundam Alex and Kampfer from 0083, Gundam Ez8, and the Gouf Custom from 08th MS Team to name a few, hell I'd like to see suits from side stories like Full Armor Gundam and Gundam Crossbones. I would also like for them to removable a bunch of unwanted pilots and suits, like I don't want to play as Dozel or Fa or pilot a Zaku Tank of GM II, in my opion they just take disc space for more deserving suit and pilots.

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