Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marvel Mega Bloks Blind Packs Series 2

Found a box of series 2, and thanks to a certain beneficial advantage I got the complete series series including the ultra rare figure. The advantage, knowing to look at the imprinted code on the back of the package on the right hand border. It's might be hard to see for some but it'll keep you from getting repeats.

For those looking to get the whole series or just a couple favorites here's the codes, remember the code is not printed on the package but pressed into the package on the right of the back of the package:
Captain America: A11071MM (Common)
Ground Assault Drone: A08071MM (Common)
Iron Man Mk.V: A09071MM (Common)
Loki: A05071MM (Rare)
Red Skull: A02071MM (Common)
Thor: A06071MM (Rare)
Whiplash: A07071MM (Common)
Wolverine: A04071MM (Ultra Rare)

This series blows the previous series out of the water, these figures are way more detailed each with their own unique sculpts and accessories. To me Cap and Red Skull are the best two in the series, Cap is just dead-on on every detail, and I love Red Skull's evil smirk. I can't wait to see who is in the next series, bring on Cable, Deadpool, and Punisher Mega Bloks.


  1. At Walmart I found these codes
    Red Skull: A01091MM (Common)
    Wolverine: A02091MM (Ultra Rare)
    Loki: A03091MM (Rare)
    Thor: A05091MM (Rare)
    Whiplash: A06091MM (Common)
    Ground Assault Drone: A07091MM (Common)
    Iron Man Mk.V: A08091MM (Common)
    Captain America: A09091MM (Common)

  2. is Ground Assault Drone good or bad?