Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Aquaman #4-11 & Batgirl #1-10

Aquaman #4-11 
Geoff Johns is great writer, he doesn't destroy, erase, or ignore, he adds to a characters past, just like he did and is still doing on he's Green Lantern run. Along with getting to know a previous team of powerful individuals Arthur was with when he was younger we're also getting new bits on the origin of Black Mantra's hatred for Aquaman, and where he got his trident from. It also looks like we may not be done with the creatures from The Trench, which may be connected to the original sinking of Atlantis, can't wait for issue 12.

Batgirl #1-10
Barbra Gordan returning as Batgirl was controversial to say the least, yes we would let a little more explanation then "a clinic in South Africa" for her miraculous recovery, perhaps in the Zero issue coming next month, but I am really enjoying Gail Simone's excellent writing and Ardian Syaf wonderful art. If it was any other writer the return of Barbra to the cowl could of been a highly boycotted catastrophe, but DC knew what they were doing and gave it to a writer who knows Barbra Gordan extremely well, which I think helped softened the blow for a lot of nay-sayers. I mean we're just about a year in to the original Batgirl's return, and look's like Simone is just getting started, no only do we have the mystery of Barbra's mother's return to Gotham and Barbra's life but we're also seeing James Gordan Jr., her psychotic brother last seen in the final issues of Detective Comics before the reboot, is on the loose again as well, I'm hooked.

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