Thursday, August 23, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Batman #3-12 & Batman and Robin #1-8

Batman #3-12
I don't know what more I can say about writer Scott Snyder's and artist Greg Capullo's run on Batman that I didn't already say in my review for the first two issues, other then to state that this book right here is the best series coming out of DC right now, and is my #1 absolute favorite New 52 title. This creative team along with the Court of Owls/Night of The Owls story is without a doubt gonna go down in history as one of Batman's must-read greats. The story has everything from a super secret organization that not even Batman himself knew about very nearly almost killing him to seeing Batman letting loose with some lethal ferocity against unkillable enemies, and not to mention some freaking awesome revelations and edge of your seat action in issues #10 and 11, if you missed the individual single issues then definitely pick up the hardcovers, you will not regret it.

Batman and Robin #1-8
In the ranking of all four Batman title released in the first wave of New 52's, Batman and Robin is a solid #2 under the self-titled book, brought to us by the writing and drawing team of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason of previous Green Lantern Corps fame. I've got to say Gleason is one the top three guys currently drawing Batman right now, up there with Greg Capullo and Jim Lee, kind of reminds you of the ol' Legends of The Dark Knight style back in the early 90's. I'm really loving DC's new decision about writers "not writing for the trade", basically telling them their stories don't need to perfectly fit in 6 issues which sometimes stretches or rushes a story's pace but are now allowed to be told in less or more issues, which with 8 issues for the opening story arc is paced perfectly, and didn't feel stretched or rushed at all. Tomasi gives us a personal and emotional tale of fathers, sons, murder and revenge for the dynamic duo with the sudden arrival of an old rival from Bruce's past comes to turn Damian away from his father's teachings, a great read that had me read all 8 issues back to back.

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