Thursday, August 9, 2012

Initiative War Machine Review

My second comic based War Machine 6in. action figure, and the third made so far, the first original Marvel Legend was his classics 90's Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, and the second being a repaint variant of Modular Armor Iron Man from a Marvel Legends 2-pack that's a homage to his Marvel Vs. Capcom game appearances. This armor here Rhodey wore after the Super Hero Civil War during his time as an instructor of young heroes for The Initiative. Other then his legs and his upper arms reused from Inferno Armor Iron Man he is made of mostly completely new molded parts such as his entire torso, forearms, shoulder pads, and head.

Thanks to two swivel arms built in to his torso his shoulder mounted weapons can aim forward or be tilted back for non-combat situations or in-flight deployment, which are each connected to his forearm attached weapons via removable soft plastic cables. Every Iron Man figure comes with some kind of launcher that shoots a plastic missile, War Machine was given the decency to have his incorporated in to his design as his left shoulder cannon instead as useless separate pack in. I freaking love the paint on his non-white armor pieces, it's this awesome gunmetal black with very light silver metallic sprinkling on it which with his leg fins, torso armor desing, and unique shaped shoulder pads come together to give a sleek stealth aircraft design to him which is perfect for a guy called War Machine.

Another cool paint app is the green lights on the weapons, with the over-spray looking like the light is illuminating the metal around it. Not 100% comic book accurate but Hasbro really went out of their way to give us a outstanding action figure while doing their best to recreate the specific armor, an accomplishment I applaud. I really hope other Iron Man fans and Marvel Legends collector found this guy to add to their collection, and he doesn't become as rare as the ML 2-pack variant Modular Armor War Machine that's still on my checklist to find one day.

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