Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marvel Universe Wolverine Vs. Hand Ninja 2-Pack

This is my third Marvel Universe Wolverine, I had to get this one though, not only is he in he's iconic yellow and blue Tiger Stripe costume, but he's also a repaint of my favorite Wolverine buck with the perfect separated claws. More than just a repaint, to make this Wolvie a bit more sought after he's also sporting a new head and added shoulder pads making him a damn near perfect representation of Wolverine's most worn costume. The Ol' Canucklehead was only reason I tracked down this no longer in store Target exclusive 2-pack, the moment I learned he was the only blue and yellow Wolverine using my favorite sculpt instead of the super short buck with the blasphemes sculpted together claws thats being released and repainted over and over lately.

The second figure in the set is a Hand Ninja, this one in black garb instead of the usual red, he come's equipped with a Katana sword and nunchucks. Hand Ninja's body is a repaint of Ronin, mostly everything in black with dark metal gray for armor pieces, with a new head to complete the hooded assassin. So I recommend this set down for those who want a yellow and blue Wolverine with separated claws, and/or want a different color Hand Ninja to stand out in their army building.

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