Monday, April 16, 2012

DCUC Series 19 Magog

If Magog looks awfully similar to a certain favorite Marvel hero of mine, it more then just coincidence, he was designed I quote "look like everything we (Mark Waid & Alex Ross) hate in modern superhero design" which turned out to be all embodied in one Marvel character created by Rob Liefeld very popular at the time, Cable. So because of he's visual resemblance to Cable I have always had an interest in Magog, and even almost got he's DC Direct figure a few times, but then I heard he was going to be made in DC Universe Classics, I was psyched, I didn't think Mattel would ever consider Magog over other heroes and villains that haven't been made, I am probably more excited he was made then any other DCUC collector. Now there are technically two Magogs, the original one that appeared in the Elseworld Kingdom Come story set in an alternate future and the main continuity version who became a member of the Justice Society, the back of he's blister card says he's the present day Magog, but he's costume is virtually identical to the original's, so he can represent either in your collection.  

Magog has to be one of my absolute favorite DC Universe Classics, he is phenomenal to look at, he is over 90% completely new sculpt, the only two pieces that look like re-used parts are he's right shoulder and forearm, that's it. The sculptors at Mattel have hands down blown me away with this guy, he's shoulder pad and baldric are sculpted parts of he's chest and abdomen, something they could of easily just made a rubber piece that was attached to the belt, but no they sculpted it on, along with the already magnificent sculpted detail on he's armored left side chest, neck, and back area, that's going all out. Another real eye catching quality on him is the paint, he got the perfect hue of gold, not too bright without being too dull, and the light brown of he's belts, pouches and boots together with the drab grey of he's pants I think nicely portrays he's militaristic sensibilities.

Magog of course comes with he's prominent signature weapon, he's staff, and also the right leg of the S.T.R.I.P.E. collect-n-connect figure. There is really nothing more I could of asked for from this figure, beside maybe making the pistol a removable weapon for him to hold, but since he rarely ever used it I can understand why they didn't include it. Even if your a fan of Magog or not, he is an amazing figure to display and is unquestionably a must have for all DC Universe Classics collectors.

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