Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boldly Gone

Found this great new web comic: Boldly Gone, that shows what it's like to be a Starfleet Starhip Captain other then James T. Kirk but always hearing about all of he's exploits that are far more grandiose and attention getting thereby making other Captain's commands look mundane and forgettable. The main characters are Captain Paul Meredith of the USS Manadala, he's first officer former Orion Slave Girl Commander Arlynn D'Resh, and Chief Medical Officer Doctor Ken Chau. This is great, you've always wondered what the other Captains thought of Kirk's adventures, and seeing what the Kirk-praising is doing to Captain Meredith is fantastic storytelling entertainment. Boldly Gone has only had a few updates so you can get caught up real fast, new strips will be out biweekly.

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