Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 Review

I don't know why I loves these guys so much, I just do, I now have 21 of them only missing a rare from series 1. Series 3 is 50% X-Men, 25% Spider-Man, and 25% Fantastic Four, something for everyone. Here are the codes to identify who is who in the blind packs, remember this code is indented on right side border on the back of the package, but I must worn the codes I provide here might be different from some cases because of later production releases, good hunting.

Sandman: A28091MM (Common)
Mr. Fantastic: A03101MM (Common)
Iceman: A29091MM (Common)
Havok: A27091MM (Common)
Magneto: A30091MM (Common)
Stealth Spider-Man: A05101MM (Rare)
Cyclops: A04101MM (Rare)
Silver Surfer: A06101MM (Ultra Rare)

I have to say Iceman is favorite, yes he's just Silver Surfer cast in clear plastic but he's frosted coating along with he's clear plastic energy blast and blok stand is just visually great to look at. Sandman is 2nd because of he's weapon arm and bank bag accessory followed by Silver Surfer and he's perfect Surf Board he's feet peg in to. Cyclops loses points cause I hate the costume they painted on him, it's not an official in the comics costume it's only seen promotional art for Marvel, but breaks even cause I love he's clear ruby blok stand, then Magneto is nearly perfect but they should of add some purple paint to he's neck and collar area to better emulate he's costume.

Series 3 is another sweet addition to the Marvel Mega Blok line, I can't wait to hear who is gonna be in the next series. I'm still hoping to see Cable show up as a Mega Blok figure. Well now we have 5 X-Men, and with Mr. Fantastic we are on the road to hopefully getting the rest of the Fantastic Four, keep them coming Mega Bloks.

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