Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Review

Thanks to a close friend and he's 3DS I was able to play the just released RE: Revelations demo, and it was pure nostalgic suspense that made me feel right back at survival horror home. Right of the bat you really notice the depth the 3D gives to the environment that really adds to the unsettling atmosphere, especially when wading through some low fog and you see it move past Jill as she walks through it. Another element that really shakes you while playing is the music, it's creepy and situation setting, but as soon as a creature starts wailing on you the music changes to an adrenaline pumping horror theme 'til you take them down or die trying.

The controls on the 3DS are perfectly laid out, and simple to use on the fly during battle, the d-pad is used for quick weapon change, and reloading, while the letter buttons are for shooting, stabbing, and healing. The Touch screen for puzzles was an amazing highlight in this demo, like using your finger or stylus to unscrew screws, who would of ever thought. A new element to Resident Evil gaming is the Item Scanner, which I think is gonna be a really handy asset in surviving in the full game by finding more ammo, health, upgrades, and maybe even key items, and then there's an information gathering part to it that I think will end up giving you clues to enemy weaknesses and perhaps reveal environmental hints.

A great thing I learned from this demo is that you can change the shooting style from the first person mode that may have scared off a few fans to the RE4 style of over the shoulder with laser sight, that made me very happy. If you haven't already, go download this demo, if your any kind of a Resident Evil fan old or new you will definitely enjoy this. Then join me in the anticipation for a great new RE story that may be actually setting up stuff for RE6.


  1. ^^d Awesome review. Keep up the good work.

  2. I dont think this is gonna set up anything to RE6 ...since this game takes place before RE5...
    ...but who knows..

    1. Remember the very first teaser trailer with Chris and Jill pointing guns at each other behind a guy tied to a chair, that maybe the mysterious third guy in the RE6 trailer. My money is in on it might be Hunk in both games. ;)