Friday, January 13, 2012

Marvel Universe Darkhawk Review

First of all I was psyched when I heard Hasbro was gonna make a Darkhawk Marvel Universe figure, I love Darkhawk, I have Darkhawk #1 in my comic collection, hell I love obscure c-list 90's heroes, where's my Sleepwaker figure Hasbro. Darkhawk is the old Marvel Universe male buck but with he's new head, added silver armor pieces, and one hell of an awesome metallic blue and black paint job totally sells him as a must have. Darkhawk's only real accessory is he's removable wings, which I'm glad they made them solid and not stupid cloth or some sort of rigid back attachment. Now that we have Darkhawk, maybe we'll get he's enemy Evilhawk or even better a Darkhawk Marvel Legend.

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