Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marvel Universe Ultimate Gift Set 5-Pack Review

When I heard about this set coming out I thought I'd never see it, let alone own it, but by incredible miraculous luck my Wal-Mart got it in along with the other Hasbro Ultimate Gift Sets for Christmas. I was strapped for cash cause of the Holiday shopping so I decided to get it later, but much to my very happy surprise I ended up getting it as a Christmas present. I'm so glad I got this set since I didn't have any of these figures, each figure has a new paint deco to make them unique to this set and everyone comes with an accessory, hell Spider-Man comes with two.

I been searching for a classic Captain America, so he was the real star of the set I was looking forward to, to lead my 3 3/4 inch Avengers. This Cap's deco to me is the best yet out of all of the previous Marvel Universe releases, the perfect blue, the just right red for the gloves and boots, and the sculpted on classic black belt instead of the modern pouched belt. Of course Cap's accessory is he's shield, but this one is molded in clear plastic to I believe emulate he's energy shield he used a few times in the comics, I would of preferred a normal shield but I'm not complaining, I finally got Cap.

The God of Thunder here is painted in a variation of he's classic costume, and like Cap the colors used are what I call "Comic Perfect", the red of the cape, the blue of he's pants, down to the dark yellow of the boot wraps. Thor's cape is removable, it simply just pegs in to he's back in two spots, I do have a slight gripe with the cape's length as it touches the ground, basically holding Thor up, but I guess if it was shorter then he'd be back heavy. The Thunderer comes equipped with he's trusty Uru hammer Mjolnor, which in my opinion could been a little bigger, it is the classic design thou.

This Classic Armor Iron Man is same as MU#21, the difference is this release has very little paint with the red and yellow parts molded in that color, giving him a cool "just walk off the comic page" visual palette. MU Classic Armor is skinnier then the Iron Man 2 Comic Series version of the same armor, so I like to look at it this one as a more skin tight suitcase portable model compared to the thicker heavy fighting/space capable suit. Tony's only accessory is the energy funnel blast every MU Iron Man comes with.


Spider-Man here in he's original red and blue outfit is a repainted Black Costume Spider-Man, I do wish he had he's signature web shooting hand, and thigh cut articulation like Scarlet Spider. I have to say I'm actually glad that he is a repaint cause the previous original Marvel Universe Spidey mold were very short. Peter comes a sweet web backpack, and this huge web line monstrosity that really needs to be redesigned to be smaller, remove the mess in the back, and clip on better.


Even though Wolverine here is a repaint of Marvel Universe's first and constantly repainted Wolvie mold, I love him, I think he's perfect, he could use a thigh cut articulation, but it's he's nice thin and separated claws that put him above all other Wolverine sculpts. The yellow on him is perfect for this costume, but I think the brown could been a little darker, to me it came out like a milk chocolate brown. Logan's only accessory is a Katana sword, but he really doesn't need it, come on he's The Damn Wolverine.

I very highly recommend this gift set to any one who is just starting to collect Marvel Universe figures, or hell a Marvel hero loving kid would fricking love this set. To the long time MU collector this set offers amazing repaints to fill out teams or even make alternate rosters. If you didn't pick this set up at Wal-Mart during the holiday season, it may or may not still be out in stores, or you can find it on Ebay or Amazon, good hunting.

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