Monday, December 19, 2016

What I've Been Up to...

Sorry for the month delay between post, been busy with work, and other life adventures with resting in between when I can. I have not forgotten my recently reactivated blog, been wanting to post some recent coolness, but just haven't had the time to sit and concentrate 'til now. So here are some things I'm gonna quick-blog about and teases of future post coming in the near future.

Meet & Signing with Jim Lee and John Romita Jr.:
 Meet Jim Lee for my second time at a VIP Grand Opening of a comic shop in Las Vegas, and then was able to meet my other favorite comic book artist of all time (both #1 to me) John Romita Jr. for the first time at a small comic convention the next day, and even got my name pulled to get a sketch done by him, was an amazing weekend that week.

Comics Galore!:
Should of taken pictures, but between the convention and a few more comic shops I visited in the last couple weeks I've gotten tons of back issue comics I've been looking for. Filled out some holes in X-Men titles, got some runs of almost every Avengers title you can think of, and even some mid-era Ultimate titles. Maybe Retro Reviews in the future.

Current Reads Reviews:
I've still been reading alot of the DC Rebirth titles, Steve Rogers: Captain America (or Hydra Steve as I've liked to start calling it, and Boom Studios' Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Have plenty to say about each, my current reading reviews are coming soon.

My three recent acquisitions, got the Death Trooper a few weeks ago, got Space Red Ranger a few days ago, and just brought home the Walgreen exclusive Jim Lee Punisher tonight. Not pictured is the whole series of X-Men Marvel Legends Juggernaut Wave I got months ago I've been dying to photo shoot. Reviews and cool pics on the way.

Saw Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and Star Wars: Rogue One this weekend. Thinking of doing a review post for Rogue One, still compiling thoughts on it, and I actually don't think I have much to say about, so don't expect a lengthy detailed analysis, just my overall opinion on the film. Fantastic Beast was really good, really enjoyed it, a great addition the Potter Universe and can't wait for the next movie with the cast.

Thank you and Stay Tuned!

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