Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard Review

With the huge success of the Mass Effect 2 video game and the cementing of Mass Effect as a money making franchise here to stay, DC Direct created a line of highly detailed action figures to be released almost a year and a half after the release of the game. At first I wasn't that excited to get an action figure of Commander Shepard with a head that wasn't my customized face and hair, but after seeing photos of Shepard out of package in reviews, I was amazed with the level of detail and paint application on he's N7 armor, then I knew I had to have him. For over a decade DC Direct has done incredible work bringing three dimensional life to DC Comic's plethora of Super-Heroes, but with this line they show that their sculptors can recreate a computer generated character model in plastic like they just walked out of the game.

The sculpt in hand close up is a real sight to behold, tons of different textures with sculpted in details painted in, along with sweet mixes of black and gray variations, even the default male head sculpt is perfectly brought to physicality. Shepard comes with he's battle helmet, and he's trusty M-8 Avenger assault rifle, which I have to say is as accurately sculpted as he's armor, though I would of liked at least one more weapon been included, but it seems DC Direct's plan to have each character each come with a different weapon is a selling point to get the other figures. DC Direct isn't exactly known for their articulation in figures, so I was surprised to find out Shepard has got complete swivel just above he's elbow and knee joints, rotating wrist and balljointed ankles, only problem is you can just barely make him look like he's holding he's rifle, and can't even get he's arms high enough to look like he's firing it thanks to he super solid shoulder pads.

If your a fan of the Mass Effect universe and a toy collector then DC Direct ME2 Commander Shepard is an awesome piece of fandom to have. Series 2 of this line was thought to have been canceled but has recently confirmed to be coming out soon, which I am glad cause I'm definitely thinking of getting Garrus and Legion to accompany Shepard on my shelf. I can only hope they'll make more characters from the first game later, I would love to have Saren to stand off against.

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