Monday, February 20, 2012

DC Universe Classics Series 20 Sinestro Review

DC Universe Classics Series 20 also gave us another long awaited redo in Sinestro, who's first figure came out back in Classics Series 3 but Mattel for some reason made him on a smaller buck more suited for a teenager body-type causing him to be a head shorter then all their other figures. 4 years, and 17 waves of figures later we finally have a Sinestro who can proudly face off against Hal Jordan on our shelves eye to eye, using the the tall and slender body first used for Deadman in Series 11. The Sinestro here from series 20 is in he's Sinestro Corps uniform, but don't worry if you also want him in classic black and blue costume that figure came out in a Green Lantern Vs. Sinestro 2-Pack.

New body parts unique to him are he's head, collar, forearms, belt, and feet, which I think he's belt and collar could of been handled a bit better, the collar used I think portray he's original costume's collar better, but for he's Corps uniform's high and tight collar I believe a painted on design would of looked better. The design of he's costume's center stripe goes down to he's crotch, so they painted the stripe over the belt, there is suppose to be a gap in the belt there but instead there is a flat black area which I think could of been cut out to not have that standing out bump. Sinestro comes with a yellow Power Battery which I'm glad they gave him the Lantern shaped one instead the awful Fear symbol shaped one that came with he's original figure that I don't think I ever saw in the comics, and the head of this series's Nekron collect-n-connect figure.

This is the Sinestro DC Universe Classics collectors have been waiting for, so if you been waiting to replace the the previous height impaired former guardian of Sector 1417, he is here. I highly recommend him to any Green Lantern fan to have Hal's nemesis, and of course lead he's Corps if you have them. You know I hope they repaint this figure and give us Green Lantern Sinestro as he looks currently in the comics.

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