Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, horrible movie? Not quite. Great movie? No. I'm gonna have to give the film 2 out 5 Flaming Skulls.

First I want to say I hate these "it works as a sequel, but we're gonna change their origin sightly in a quick flashback" crap, they did it before in Incredible Hulk and Punisher: War Zone, what the hell is with that? You think from the directing team of Crank you'd have a great dark comedy action movie with Ghost Rider replacing Jason Statham, instead we get a lot of boring "story-setting" talking either while sitting around or driving with the occasional Ghost Rider fight. If your going in to this thinking at least it's got zany Nic Cage at he's zaniest, sorry he's actually pretty mild and tamed down this time around.

I will say Ghost Rider's new design is pretty awesome, really close to he's look in the Road to Damnation mini-series, great touches on the burnt jacket and charred skull. I really wish they gave Ghost Rider more to do then just vaporize guys with a whip of he's chain, any other fiery dispatchment was seen in the trailers, no surprise take downs, I really missed the penance stare and Hellfire shotgun.

That's bad when a badly handled "sequel" makes the not so well accepted original look damn near like The Dark Knight or X2 in comparison. What didn't help was there was no memorable threatening or believable pure evil villain, Roarke never spoke like or gave off the attitude of someone who is suppose to the all evil Prince of Lies & Darkness, and Blackout was no challenge whatsoever and easily killed, he was just there to have a villain from the comics. I really think this movie was made because Sony just wanted to make some money before they lost the rights to Ghost Rider, and Cage wanted to play he's favorite characters one last time even if it was for a lower budget and rushed script.

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