Saturday, February 11, 2012

DC Universe Classics Green Lantern Review

I have been wanting this Green Lantern figure for a long time, he first came out as a Toys'R'Us exclusive in mid-2010, never came across him, and wasn't gonna cave and get him off-line for more then twice retail. I did almost buy the Green Lantern Vs. Zodac DC Vs. MotU 2-pack to get him, but then I found Modern Hal was packed in DC Universe Classics Series 20 cases on Big Bad Toy Store, I couldn't press add to cart quick enough. The only difference between this Hal and the TRU exclusive is this release doesn't come with a Power Battery accessory, WTH Mattel?

First off, pics of this guy does not do him enough justice, he is stunning in hand thanks he's paint job, which is all a perfectly sheens thanks he's metallic green, glossy black, and pearl white. My #1 obsessive attractor for this figure was this is Hal in he's modern version of he's Green Lantern uniform, which major difference from he's pre-ressurection costume is the redesign of the central green area on he's torso now stops at a point on he's waist line and not encompassing he's crotch area to make Super-Hero trunks, so to speak. As I said before this GL didn't come with a should of been obvious Mattel Power Battery, which I think if he doesn't come with a Power Battery then he should at least come with a Construct Weapon, but no, nothing at all, not even one of those blue figure stands, if it were up to me every Green Lantern would come with a Power Battery and a Construct.

If you don't have a DCUC Green Lantern, get this one. If you collect DC Universe Classics, get this guy. If you love Green Lantern, get this Hal Jordan. He may not come with any accessories but he's totally superb and stunning paint job more then makes up for it, he looks awesome just standing there, plus you could always borrows accessories from other GLs.

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