Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 Highlights

The 2012 Toy Fair happened over the weekend, some new figures were shown, and some new info released, but nothing too surprising unfortunately. Let's see what my personal highlights were:

Marvel Legends: Series 3 U.S. Agent and Blade

U.S. Agent is looking to be mostly a repaint of Bucky Cap from series 2 with a new head and added on gauntlets to create the longer gloves, he even shares the same repainted weapons as well, but is still an amazing long waited for figure I can't wait to own. Blade on the other hand really doesn't impress me much, a new head on Ultimate Nick Fury's body with Winter Soldier's vest, come on Hasbro, they got he's current mustache right, but he should have strips of hair on he's head, not be completely bald, and also the red on the inside of the jacket would look better if it didn't also go up the collar. It seems Trenchcoat Punisher is gonna be the running change for Blade, and that Mystique will also be in series, and her running change will be Moonstar.

Marvel Universe: Angel and Nova

Hasbro showed off most of their single carded figures coming out in 2012, I'm excited for a lot of them especially the new molds of Hulk and Punisher. Out of the previously unseen series 4 figures, Angel and Nova are the real stand outs. Interesting news about a Death's Head figure coming, perhaps one day I'll my Death's Head II.

Avengers 3.75 In. Figures: Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye

Alot of the 3 3/4 scale figures for the Avengers movie look to be re-releases of Cap, Iron Man, and Thor from their previous lines mixed with a few new molds for the new costumes and characters. The ones I will be looking forward to buying are the Comic Series figures, shown so far are Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye to add to our 3 3/4 scale Ultimates team. Hopefully the Comics Series will also have new Avengers and villains not made in the Marvel Universe line yet. 

Marvel Select: Ultron

ULTRON! Finally Ultron in he's most wanted classic form. Another Marvel Select must have that Marvel Legends never did right.

DC Universe Signature Collection Rocket Red and Poison Ivy

Mattel showed off more figures for their online purchase only DC Signature Collection, I'm personally excited for Rocket Red to add to my Justice League International team, and Poison Ivy, an essential for Batman's Rogue Gallery. Also shown was Black Mask, Mirror Master and Platinum, Mirror Master is cool to add a Flash villain, but I would of preferred Black Mask with no suit jacket on, just a white long sleeve shirt with the arms rolled up. All Star Series 2 New 52 Flash was revealed, first I don't entirely like he's new costume, and two, I feel those yellow lines shouldn't be painted on him, it works a comic art dynamic, but not as a permanent painted in detail.

Play Arts Kai: Mass Effect 3
Hell Yeah! I'll definitely want that Commander Shepard. Thank you Play Arts for getting the rights to Mass Effect.

Playmates: Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Can not wait to see these in the stores, these are an absolute must have for any TMNT fan, especially for us that grew up with the original cartoon and action figures. Awesome homage to the original blister package, high foot Playmates.

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