Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Movie Masters Man of Steel Superman Review

With Man of Steel coming out next month the action figures for the new movie are starting to hit the toy aisles, and you know I had to pick up Movie Masters Superman to join Batman and Green Lantern. Kal-El is highly detailed, his entire costume's texture is scultped in, beautifully recreating the new suit from the film, topped with a great likeness of actor Henry Cavill. The Last Son of Krypton sports the standard 20 points of articulation that most other Movie Masters have which doesn't include an ab-crunch and that don't bother me, it would taken away from his great torso sculpt, and I'm glad cause I think the heavy cape would of pulled back on the upper part, and then you'd have a always leaning back Superman.

Supes' cape is the biggest I've seen on a Mattel DC superhero figure, and is very nicely sculpted, I wish they would of put a black S-Shield on the back of the cape for the new movie costume cause it would look awesome on this airbrushed cape. Clark doesn't come with any movie related accessories, though he does come with a small figure stand painted and sculpted to look like the film version House of El emblem/Kryptonian symbol of hope, which would of been a more welcome pack-in if it was bigger, Superman can just barley stand on it. If you haven't already picked up this figure, you can wait and get the same figure packed with a Kryptonian Key necklace, myself I'm now waiting to get Armored General Zod to face-off against my Man of Steel.

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