Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck Is Batman


Wow, color me surprised, of all the actors in Hollywood around the age Warner Bros. was looking for to be the seasoned Dark Knight Detective in the upcoming Superman/Batman team-up sequel to Man of Steel they chose the Kevin Smith film cameo alumni and former Pearl Harbor star turned writer/director/producer. A name I never thought would be associated with the cape and cowl of DC's #1 costumed hero, I'm not saying Affleck is a bad actor, I like him, I mean I defend his portrayal of The Man Without Fear in Fox's 2003 Daredevil movie, and even wanted to see him do another outing as the Guardian Devil. So I'm not mad at this decision, I am just genuinely surprised, like when they cast Chris Evans as Captain America, but in the end he turned out as a great First Avenger, yes I would of liked to seen someone else, perhaps another relatively unknown like Henry Cavill be given the chance to wow us, but I'm willing to see how this plays out and not totally blast it as the most wrongest choice in all of Hollywood history, that dishonor still goes to every one who worked on Superman Returns, except Kevin Spacey, he ruled as Lex Luthor. Important thing though is he has to have on-screen chemistry with Henry Cavill, the right amount of rivalry, intimidation, veteran vigilante and friendship while still radiating goddamn Batman badassery, and the one thing I hope Affleck will hold to is commitment to the future franchise of future Batman films and the upcoming Justice League film and not bail after this one appearance, do your hear me Ben: Commitment!, if you're truly gonna take on this role seriously then you will become Batman and stay Batman for as many film as Warner Bros. says they need you for, prove the internet wrong Ben.

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