Thursday, September 6, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Batman Beyond Unlimited #2-6 and Batman Incorporated #1-2

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2-6
This series is still going strong, the series is an excellent example of multiple stories in one book that I'm proud to pay $3.99 for. Starting in issue #3 begins a Superman Beyond story, which is a more then welcomed addition and is the perfect place to expand on the adventures of The Man of Steel in the Beyond future, as well as Lex Luthor's twisted legacy. If one issue stands out more then the others it is #5 with a stand alone short story that adds a whole new layer to Terry McGinnis origin in becoming the Dark Knight of Neo-Gotham, I was blown away, well done Adam Beechen, well done. 

Batman Incorporated #1-2
With DC's Second Wave of New 52 Titles we got another Batman title, this one continuing Grant Morrison's grand opus he started back in 2006 with "Batman and Son" which lead to Batman's apparent death, his return, and then creation of Batman Incorporated. So basically if you haven't read the last 9 hardcovers worth of Batman stories written by Morrison you'll have no idea what is going on in these issues or who some of the characters are, but if you have then you have been waiting for this for 8 months. Batman is still trying to figure out exactly how powerful of an organization Leviathan is and how far their influence reaches and what their plans are for himself, Gotham, and the world when an assassination order is put out for the current Boy Wonder. Chris Burnham did a few issues of the previous Incorporated series, his style is very similar to Frank Quitely's but not as overly surface detailed, making him the perfect artist to be paired with Morrison's continuing mega story, which I can't wait see run it's course.

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