Monday, October 29, 2012

MOTU Prince Adam & Orko Review

Originally released as a San Diego Comic-Con 2010 exclusive "Orko with Prince Adam pack-in" finally gave us The Most Powerful Man In The Universe's alter ego. Later re-released and made available for purchase off Matty Collector for those like me who couldn't get to that convention. This version of Orko is the painted re-release that was only available off the Matty Collector website, the original convention exclusive Orko was made of heat sensitive color changing plastic, I prefer the painted version to better fit in with the other MOTU Classics figures.

Prince Adam is no surprise a repaint of He-Man sporting a new soft plastic vest and resculpted smiling head. Painted in colors closely following he's appearance in the 80's cartoon right down to he's purple boots and light purple tights which along with his painted-on white shirt have a nice light shadowing that brings out and really helps define the muscle sculpt. The MOTU Classics are more based off the original 80's action figures then how they appeared in the TV series, where the original Prince Adam had he's He-Man's gauntlets painted white, here the sculptors The Four Horseman gave Adam identical round gauntlets and painted them in an amazing pearl white, which is the real standout detail on this figure.

Adam comes with three accessories to call he's own, a Power Sword painted in magenta and purple, a Power Sword Half in the same colors, and an additional interchangeable head with the usual He-Man grimace. I myself would of liked him to come with a regularly colored Power Sword, but Mattel stuck with the original's sword color. The vast majority of MOTU collectors wished Mattel added a sword slit on Adam's vest to hold he's sword like his sister Adora's figure, but I'm guess they wanted to keep with the design of the original figure, and to the cartoon where you never actually see Adam wearing the sword on his back, and seems like he pulls the sword out from under the back of he's vest.

Orko is a amazing little figure in perfect scale with the other Classics figures, and adds another major cast member of the original cartoon to my shelf. Along with perfectly painted colors Orko has three points of articulation in each of he's arms, and a sweet ball shaped head on a ball joint neck which you can rotate and tilt in almost any direction. Orko's three accessories are he's scepter which I think is a scaled down revision of the one he's 2002 toy came with, a closed spellbook, and he's clear flight stand to appear floating while standing with he's fellow defenders of Eternia.

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