Monday, November 12, 2012

DC New 52 Reviews: Deathstroke #2-12 & Detective Comics #2-12 + Annual

Deathstroke #2-12
I'll be honest with you, I buy and read this book cause I'm a huge Deathstroke fan, and I'm just enjoying seeing him kill people in different ways every month. I think the Legacy story played out nicely revealing who was behind the attacks and the costumed mercenaries trying to take out Slade. Now I can't say I love Rob Liefeld's art above anyone elses but after 20 years I have become accustomed to his drawing style, his writing though could definitely be better cause issues 9-12's story featuring Lobo felt fairly plain and not thought out much past the initial basic premise, was nice seeing Zealot though, even if she wasn't written well. 

Detective Comics #2-12 & Annual #1 
If you've read my review of issue 1 of Detective Comics then you'd know this series didn't actually start out very good in my eyes, issue 2 was an improvement, the Dollmaker storyline with Batman on the trail to save Commissioner Gordon was decent. The Penguin story is painfully stretched over the three issues of #5-7, #8 is a stand-alone tale with Scarecrow having Batman take down Hugo Strange's son, while in #9 Batman takes down Talons attacking Arkahm Asylum far too easy in Night of The Owls tie-in. Guest artist Ed Benes's art in issue 10 was a welcomed sight, cause I've got to say Tony Daniel is my less favorite Batman artist right now, and I did enjoy the sci-fi elements in the Mr. Toxic story arc, even though it felt like it should been more in a Superman book then in Batman's. Then there's the boring Annual with Black Mask and Mad Hatter, don't even get me started on that, all I can say is thankfully a new creative team takes over with issue 13.

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