Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not Dead / Las Vegas Comic Expo 2013

I am not dead, I apologize for the lack of updates this month, but it's been a real busy month for me, been working extra days and extra hours to get extra money to save up to go the 2nd Annual Las Vegas Comic Expo which is tomorrow. I went last year for their first convention and thought it was great, just comics, artist and various exhibitors which reminded of the good ol' days of how San Diego Comic-Con use to be back when I started to go back in 1999, not the huge multimedia monster it has become. This year is looks like it has grown a bit bigger, more exhibitors, and even a hand full of famous guest celebrities like Neal Adams and Sylvester McCoy. I will be sure to post a review and pics of this year's adventure there, and show off my haul, hopefully I'll  have that up in a few days.

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